How to get gigs as a DJ?

By The Gigstarter Team on 17-01-2018

Are you a DJ or/and Producer and want to get more gigs? With Gigstarter you can get gigs in an easy and simple way, the platform connects bookers and artists from all over the UK. Gigstarter bookers are professionals and individuals looking for the perfect act for their club, party or event. Stay tuned because In this blog we give tips about getting more gigs as a DJ.

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DJ search engine Gigstarter

Gigstarter connects the supply and demand of DJ's with bookers. Any kind of DJ can register and make a free profile on the platform. Anyone who organises an event can contact and book DJ's through Gigstarter. Once the DJ gets booked through Gigstarter the DJ doesn't have to pay any commission or booking fee. Gigstarter makes booking DJ's accessible for a big audience, that way your chance of getting bookings increase.


Why register on Gigstarter?

Through Gigstarter anyone can book DJs from all over the UK, at affordable prices, easily and quickly. Creating a profile on Gigstarter will improve your SEO on the internet. You will be easier found by bookers when they start searching online for DJ's. The DJ's registered on our website are verified and the booker can write a review after the gig. With these reviews you go up in the ranking of Gigstarter what means more possibility to obtain new Gigs.

Gigstarter profile as a resume

Having a profile as a DJ on Gigstarter means you also have to take the initiative to get gigs. You have to make yourself known to the world. Consider your profile on Gigstarter as a resume of your music and your act. Here are two examples of complete profiles: Mike Gerritsen and Kryga.

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How to get gigs as a new DJ?

With our platform we give the DJ industry a big boost and give talent a chance. It is important that you always upload a live video. This way you can give the best impression of your gig to bookers.

We recommend you to always film your gigs in order to be able to upload them directly on social networks. For example, upload these videos to your Instagram and Snapchat story. This way you will keep your fans updated of your gigs. But your fans want more! Apart from watching your gigs, they want to know who and how you are. So start creating Vlogs. Here you can see examples of our Gigstarter on tour vlogs. Subscribe to our Youtube channel because we will be giving tutorials on how to get the most out of the platform.


Gigs for DJ's in London, Manchester, Liverpool and all the UK

You are not only easy to find with a Gigstarter profile but you can also generate more gigs as a DJ through Gigstarter's Confirmation. To get more offer requests you have to send confirmations via Gigstarter to all your bookers. These confirmations can be send to all bookers who have booked you through Gigstarter or through other ways. This way you will have all the agreements on paper and the booker will receive an invitation to write a review about your gig. With reviews you rise in the ranking of Gigstarter, you will appear higher in the search results and you will get more often offer requests.

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How to get more international gigs as a DJ?

If you want to make more profit as a DJ or you would like to have International gigs? You can make a PRO subscription on Gigstarter which allows you to benefit even more from the platform. With the Gigstarter PRO+ subscription your Gigstarter profile will not only be online in the UK but also in all the countries where Gigstarter is active. Click here for more information about the PRO and PRO+ membership. If you want more tips on how to get the most out of your profile we recommend reading the following blog.

Gigstarter: Tinder for DJ's

With Gigstarter it has become easier and more transparent to book a DJ. Having a profile on Gigstarter is just like having a profile on Tinder. The first impression is the most important one. What you see is what you get! Follow these tips to start creating a good profile: How to get the most out of your Gigstarter profile?

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