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You're getting married! Off-course that includes nice live music. But maybe you do not quite know what kind of act you want to have for your wedding, or what is possible at all. Take a look at Gigstarter!

Book Live Music via Gigstarter for your Wedding

For the ceremony a classic ensemble can be an excellent choise. But a semi-acoustic act that plays more pop can also be very appropriate.

All kinds of genres at Gigstarter

During the reception, dinner or the party, a live band is often fun. So at Gigstarter you can choose from jazz, funk, rock, cover bands and many more, depending on your taste and the setting.

A DJ with music for your wedding

Later in the evening people often love a nice DJ with dance music at their party. DJs are available in all kinds of styles. Many DJs can be accompanied by a solo instrument, think of a saxophone.

Browse trough our database full with musicians and create your perfect wedding day!

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