Our platform brings supply and demand for live music together in a transparent, fast and easy way. Create a free account for your act and see for yourself! On Gigstarter, clients and artists are in direct contact with each other. There is no booking fee or commission that Gigstarter takes. The full amount of the gig goes to you as an artist. Why? Because you are the artist. Not us.
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It’s a successful formula, because there are hundreds of bookings a month through Gigstarter. With our platform, we make your music visible to a wide audience. With this approach we create a probability of more gigs (performances) for you as a musician, hence the name "Gig-starter". The benefits for you, as an artist, are substantial:

An online business card

On Gigstarter you have a free and complete profile containing all the information of your act. Everyone can see and directly contact you. Find-ability on Google is strong with Gigstarter and its strength of being a large international platform. A beautiful business card of your act to the outside world!

No commissions

Gigstarter is not an intermediary. Instead, we just facilitate the booking of bands, DJs and solo artists. You will receive the entire booking fee, as we don't charge any commissions.

Avoid miscommunication

When a booker approaches you, you easily send an offer to him or her. This allows you to have detailed appointments on paper. You can find all the bookings in your personal dashboard. In short, Gigstarter ensures professional and clear communication.


Reviews are the future. Bookers can write reviews about your performance, so that future bookers get a better insight into your skills as an artist. See your profile on Gigstarter as a kind of online live music resume. With a PRO membership, you can also invite old bookers to write a review about you.

Our revenue model?

We have a freemium model with Gigstarter. This means that it is free for artists to have a profile on Gigstarter. We also work without commissions. For musicians who want more out of Gigstarter, we offer the PRO membership. This membership allows a lot of extras and advantages for you as an artist. This model is fair and sustainable for both artists, bookers as well as for Gigstarter itself. We aspire to bring transparency, accessibility and clarity to all parties in the live music industry.