No Hassle. Just Music.

Gigstarter offers an accessible platform to book live music. We have developed a transparent website where bookers can directly book artists without paying any form of commission.

The concept that Gigstarter created is working successfully. Over 9000 artists in all kind of genres have already signed up on our platform. Together these artists have been booked thousands of times, from living room concerts to great festivals. Due to these numbers, Gigstarter is the most important platform for live music within the Benelux. Since recently, we are proud to say that we are active through the whole of Europe.

Origin of Gigstarter

Gigstarter was found in 2012 by two friends – Julio Pijnappel and Paul de Kuyper –in a café in the heart of Amsterdam. Julio and Paul had been sharing their passion for music for years and played together in a band. They both felt like it was a big hassle to arrange a nice gigs for themselves.

When Julio and Paul explained their problem to the owner of the café, he told them how hard it was to find good, appropriate live music for his café. Although there were plenty of artists who were eager to play, it was hard to find them. That’s when Paul and Julio thought it was time for a platform where artists and bookers can find each other easily. Gigstarter was born.

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Meet the Original Gigstarters!

Paul de Kuyper



A couple of years ago I’ve tried to draw the attention of several bookers for my band. Since there was no platform where artists could easily register and get booked, I founded Gigstarter. I find it very motivating to see how many artists are being booked through Gigstarter nowadays for performances. Are you just like us, eager to combine your work with your passion? Join us on our mission to making live music more accessible for everybody!

Mark Teisman



Technology and music are two of my greatest passions. Gigstarter is the perfect opportunity for me to combine these two passions. I think it is great to create a website that both satisfies the needs of the artists and the bookers. Because of all the opportunities on the website, there is always enough technical work to do. That's why we are always looking for someone who can support me with the further development of Gigstarter.

Erik de Kuyper

Business development


Initially I joined the team of Gigstarter to launch the initiative in Spain. Now I am responsible for the growth of the platform across Southern Europe. I find it amazing to see that a platform that was developed in Amsterdam catches on everywhere in Europe! If I’m not at the office, I’m working on new vlogs about music and events all over the world. Interested? Follow me by clicking on this link.

Tom van der Velpen

Former Marketing Manager


I was responsible for the marketing of Gigstarter. The workflow was so nice that it did not feel like work to me. I loved informing all types of music lovers about our platform and the artists. I found it especially satisfying to notice that most of our artists have become active ambassadors for Gigstarter. Even if I am not working in the team anymore after 6 wonderful years, I will keep the Gigstarter DNA in my blood for ever.

Solène Brachet

French & Spanish market


Everything started when I came from France to join the Amsterdam-based team for an internship. Today, I daily help Spanish and French artists to become more visible and to find gig opportunities across Europe. I feel entirely satisfied when the booker finds the perfect Match for his/her event, and even prouder when it is a last-minute request. Dream big and everything become possible!

Sarah le Corff

Business developer France


Initially, I joined as a Community Manager intern. I had the chance to meet amazing artists and bookers which whom we organized great events. I have been working from different countries in Europe to keep on spreading our word. Today, I am responsible for the growth of Gigstarter on the French market. My goal is to help spreading live music across Europe and this is what all our team is dedicated to.

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