What is Gigstarter?

As a performing artist, you want to perform frequently. However, it takes a lot of effort to arrange gigs. With a Gigstarter profile, you let bookers find and approach you!

Just create a free profile. Within 15 minutes you can have a complete profile. Bookers that would otherwise never have found you will start to approach you and you can manage all your gigs easily through your personal booking environment.


Free profile

Create an artist profile on Gigstarter for free. Bookers can get in touch with you directly through your profile.

One-time fee of £4,95 applies.


More bookings

Increase your chances of getting bookings by being active on Gigstarter. Domestic and international bookers use Gigstarter to find live music.

Price tag

No commissions

We don’t charge any commissions when you get a booking. Gigstarter promotes transparency and accessibility.

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