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By The Gigstarter Team on 16-08-2021

Did you know that the Rolling stones kicked off their incredible career releasing 3 albums with mostly covers before recording one with their own original songs? At the time, they could have been named as a cover band as they played and interpreted other artists' songs. Let's get a tour of the cover bands on Gigstarter.

Range of Cover bands

Nowadays, you can hire multiple kinds of cover bands: 60s, 70s, pop, rock, blues and so on. Even if cover bands play other musicians' songs, they still have their own identity by adding new transitions and new arrangements to the original versions. The covered songs are still recognizable by the audience but are made up with a little twist. Some bands such as Jonas Brothers or Red Hot Chili Peppers, kicked off their fantastic careers replicating other musicians' songs.

Cover band VS Tribute Band

What's the difference between these two formations? Well, a Tribute act tries to mimic and replicate someone else's songs as good as the flagship band. If the icons are no longer around, it’s the opportunity to experience a lookalike show again.
On the other hand, you can find original bands writing, composing their own melodies and lyrics.

Tribute act James Burrell as Elvis

Pop/Rock Cover band can work but for a type of event?

Pop/rock cover bands can fit for all kinds of private or public events. When it comes to making people of all ages dance, sing a cover band is a perfect act to hire.

Whether it is for private events such as an outdoor garden party, a birthday, your wedding, a cover band will be the ultimate party band. The same factors can be applied to organizing a public event such as in a bar or a restaurant to create an ambiance for people after their dinner. Cover bands usually use a wide music portfolio to please every generation and music taste. If you're a rock addict, you could contact Close To Ears to rock your birthday or Mixed Feelings to cover various tastes.

Gigstarter helps you find THE coverband

Placing a call is the fastest way to book a pop/rock cover band on Gigstarter. You will provide our team will all the details regarding the event, and they will invite suitable artists. Usually, it takes no more than 24 hours for them to get back to you and let you know their availability. Do not hesitate to book and enjoy live music!

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