How to get more work as a musician?

By Erik on 22-11-2017

Do you play in a band, are you a DJ or singer-songwriter and want to have more work without having to pay any commission? On Gigstarter you can obtain more work in an easy and simple way; being a musician, singer, solo-artist or DJ from any area in ​​the UK. Gigstarter customers or bookers are professionals and individuals looking for live music appropriate for their party or event. Follow these simple steps to get a music Gig.

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Guide for more work as a musician.

Gigstarter connects the supply and demand of live music. Anyone who organizes an event can contact and book musicians through Gigstarter without paying any commission or booking fee. And anyone who makes music can register completely free on our website. Being a free platform for both the musician and the booker means that these bookers will contact you personally through Gigstarter. Gigstarter, live music search engine, makes live music accessible to the general public. This way we get for you, as a musician, more offer requests for gigs.


Tips & Trick for more work.

Often musicians ask themselves: How do I get a gig? How do DJ's get Gigs? How do you get a booking agent?

  • Be Proactive
  • Make a profile on Gigstarter
  • Start thinking locally
  • Send your Gigstarter profile to venues
  • Send your Gigstarter profile to promoters
  • Send your Gigstarter profile to potential bookers
  • Invite press
  • Invite influencers

Making a profile on Gigstarter doesn't mean that you can lean back and wait till the bookings get in. You should be a proactive user of the platform. Your Gigstarter profile is like a promo package and potential bookers will see directly if they are interested. Through Gigstarter anyone can book bands and DJs from all over the UK, at affordable prices, easily and quickly. The musicians registered on our website are verified and the booker can give them a rating and write a review after the gig. Being a DIY musician means you also have to take the initiative to get gigs. You have to make yourself known to the world. Don't be shy in sharing your Gigstarter profile on all social networks and when you contact venues, bars, restaurants etc. always send your Gigstarter profile to get more offer requests. Consider your profile on Gigstarter as a resume of your music and your act: formerly musicians had to send their recordings to venues, now you can share the link to your Gigstarter profile, with live recordings and reviews of former bookers of yours. Here are two examples of complete profiles: Wayne McArthur & The Universal Players and Rowland Jones

Put yourself in the spotlight

  • Reach out to people in your network
  • Network with other similar bands on Gigstarter
  • Sign up for the Gigstarter Artist of the Year 2018 competition
  • Ask to similar local bands on Gigstarter if you can open for them.

Having a profile on Gigstarter is like having a casting. Same as a bulletin board or a showcase where you can show your product and the quality it has. With our platform we give the music industry a big boost and give talent a chance. It is important that you always upload a live video. This way you can give the best impression of your gig to bookers. To make yourself visible, create a profile on all social networks. For example, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram etc.

We recommend you to always film your gigs in order to be able to upload them directly on social networks. Such as for example to upload these videos to your Instagram and snapchat story. This way you will keep your fans updated of your gigs. But your fans want more! Apart from watching your gigs, they want to know who and how you are. So start creating Vlogs. Here you can see examples of our Gigstarter on tour vlogs. Subscribe to our youtube channel because we will be giving tutorials on how to get the most out of the platform.


Work for musicians in London, Manchester, Liverpool and all the UK

Gigs lead to Gigs. You are not only easy to find online with a Gigstarter profile but you can also generate more gigs as a musician through Gigstarter's Confirmation. To get more offer requests you have to send confirmations via Gigstarter to all your bookers. These confirmations can be send to all bookers who have booked you through Gigstarter or in other ways. This way you will have all the agreements in black and white and the booker will receive an invitation to write a review about your gig. This way you will accumulate even faster reviews. With reviews you upgrade in the ranking of Gigstarter, you will appear in better search results and you will get more often offer requests.

More work for musicians thanks to the Call of Gigstarter

Gigstarter offers a free service that helps potential bookers to make a booking. This service is aimed at satisfying the needs of a booker who wants to book an artists without commitment. This prevents potential bookers from falling back on their search for booking live music. This benefits you as a musician. If you want to make more profit as an artist of Gigstarter you can make a PRO subscription with which you will have even more tools to manage as a musician. If you want more tips on how to get the most out of your profile we recommend reading the following blog.

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Are you interested in the music industry, tips for artists and Gigstarter? Please read our blog.

Gigstarter makes live music accessible to everyone. On you will find live music for your party easily. This service is free of charge for both artists as bookers. Take a look at the site and follow us on Facebook to stay updated about Gigstarter events and new talent.

No hassle. Just music.

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