Promote Gigstarter and get more Gigs

By Tom on 29-11-2017

Promote Gigstarter and get a free Gigstarter PRO account for three months, worth 30€. You can do this by logging in and sharing a unique link with your musician friends. For each artist that registers and makes a complete profile, you will get a 3 months PRO account. Share the message of Gigstarter and help us create a world with more live music.

Share your unique link on different social networks, by mail, or on your own website. Send your referral link to your friends or acquaintances through your preferred channel and increase the months of your PRO account. As a PRO at Gigstarter you indirectly increase the possibility of obtaining more requests. Which in turn means the possibility of obtaining more income. Gigstarter is all about no hassle, just music.

To see your promotional code, sign in to your account, and go to the referral page.

The process is simple:

Step 1: Send the promotional link to a musician. Band, group, DJ, Songwriter, Manager etc.

Step 2: Your contact must click on the promotional link that you send and create a complete profile at Gigstarter.

Step 3: When the profile of the person who used your promotional link has been approved, you will automatically get a 3 months PRO account. It is important that the profile has been completed and approved. Otherwise the reward can’t be issued.

Step 4: You can win even more months of the PRO account by publishing your promotional link on social networks such as Facebook and more people subscribing.


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Gigstarter makes live music accessible to everyone. On you will find live music for your party easily. This service is free of charge for both artists as bookers. Take a look at the site and follow us on Facebook to stay updated about Gigstarter events and new talent.

No hassle. Just music.

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