How to get a higher ranking on Gigstarter?

By The Gigstarter team on 20-08-2019

In this blog we give you some essential tips on how to obtain a higher ranking as an artist on Gigstarter. A high ranking on the website is important because most of the bookers only look at the top of our database to pick the artist they want on their event!

Get reviews on your profile

The most essential part of the Gigstarter ranking are the reviews from bookers on your profile. Obtaining reviews with frequency and with a good score is the most important way to rise in Gigstarter's ranking. So how do you obtain reviews? By sending a confirmation through Gigstarter to the booker.

Example of the reviews on the profile of artist Paris Love-Child:


What is a confirmation?

A confirmation can be seen as the final step in the booking process. You summarize all the arrangements so that there is no room for confusion about the details of the performance. Businesses that you include in a confirmation are the date of the event, the address of the performance, the amount of members of the band and which equipment is on site.

An artist sends a confirmation to a booker. The booker will be notified by email and will be asked to accept the confirmation. Once the booker accepts your confirmation, the booking is final. Both parties will receive confirmation by email when the booker accepts a confirmation. After a performance, Gigstarter automatically asks the booker for a review of the show that is going to appear on your profile.

How do I send a confirmation?

You can send a booking confirmation to your bookers via Gigstarter. In your personal dashboard on Gigstarter, click on the tab Confirmations. Then click on the red button + Create a new confirmation. Fill in the information about the gig, including contact details of the booker and event details. Proceed to the next step, where you’ll verify and confirm all details. When you send your confirmation, the booker will receive a notification by email. The booker is asked to verify your confirmation. A gig is only definitive according to Gigstarter when the booker has verified your confirmation.

Screenshot of the personal dashboard of an artist in Gigstarter with the red button in the confirmation tab:

Confirmation via a booking request

If you get a booking request via Gigstarter you have the possibility to create a confirmation directly. Once you have reached an agreement click on the green button Draft a confirmation and fill in the information to make it a verified gig. Example screenshot:


Confirm all your bookings

Another tip on getting more reviews is to send the confirmations to those bookers who have not booked you through Gigstarter. There are no extra costs involved in this procedure. It is very important that the bookers accept the confirmation before the gig because otherwise they will not receive the invitation to write an evaluation. For more information about the confirmation click here. These were the tips to get higher in the ranking of Gigstarter, good luck collecting the reviews!

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By becoming PRO you have the option of sending 3 invitations to former bookers to write a review about your act. The reviews are very important because with the reviews you are getting higher in the Gigstarter ranking. When you get a call through Gigstarter the reviews can be a decisive factor for the booker to book you.

Become PRO

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