More than 3500 reviews on Gigstarter!

By The Gigstarter Team on 31-07-2019

Another milestone for Gigstarter: We received 3500+ reviews on performances from our artists. Gigstarter's Tom explains the importance of a review, it's positive effects on bookers and Gigstarter's upcoming milestones!

Why is there a review for performing artists?

'When we started 6 years ago there was not yet a good website where you could leave a review about a performance. Remarkable, because writing reviews was possible for all kinds of other services and products. It provides a good insight about how the artist is on stage. The review, which everyone can see on the artist's profile, is written by the person who has booked the artist for his event.'

rowlandOne of the first artists who got a review on our platform: Rowland Jones

Does the review give a good impression of the performing artist?

'We notice that it helps to get a good idea of ​​how the artist is live. In addition there are, as you see on the Gigstarter profile, a live video of the act, music demos, a biography and a price indication. As a result, bookers know what to expect before approaching an artist. The reviews are written by independent parties, and the artist does not have the option to remove bad reviews from his profile.'

Do reviews belong to the future of booking live music?

'Definitely, we have noticed in recent years that it provides a more transparent and better market in general. And for satisfied bookers of live music in particular. We all know what qualities Ed Sheeran or DJ Martin Garrix have on stage, but it makes much more sense to know how the act you are going to book performs at your event.'

Hanson Asiedu also has a great review at our website!

Is it useful for artists to collect reviews?

'Yes, it provides a more complete artist profile so bookers are more likely to book you. The reviews also help you to get higher in the search results on our platform. We are a Google for live music in a way, so it is certainly useful to get higher in the search results. Tip for artists: In addition to the gigs you receive with Gigstarter, you can also let your other performances run through the site and receive reviews for that.'

What are the next milestones that you will focus on with Gigstarter?

'There are many local milestones to reach in the eight different countries where we are active. For example, 1000 registered artists on the Spanish Gigstarter is almost achieved. Then we celebrate a Spanish party!'

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