Adeline, a singer-songwriter who embodies Gigstarter

By The Gigstarter Team on 05-03-2019

Adeline, a multicultural woman singing European-influenced songs and using the international platform Gigstarter: what a great mix! Adeline is a singer-songwriter, born in France and, after living in the UK for years, is now based in Barcelona. She embodies the Gigstarter spirit perfectly: music has no borders. We asked her about her inspiration, Gigstarter and a special Gig on Valentine’s day!

France, Great Britain and Spain... Does this cultural mix impact your songs?

'Very much so! My French background kind of got lost when I started learning music in England. I got influenced with the way British people play music but still kept some of my French roots. Now I live in the multicultural city of Barcelona, I try to adapt my songs to different audiences but still keeping my music style with a British & French touch.'

What musicians inspired you?

'When I was younger, I used to listen to French singer-songwriters like Francis Cabrel. Most of his lyrics are about love and I really liked the way he wrote his songs. Then, I got inspired by musicians like Tracy Chapman, a little bit more soul but still acoustic, but I also found a lot of inspiration in nineties pop music. There’s a British folk artist, called Newton Faulkner, who definitely impacted my music style as well although I can’t play as well as he does. These days, for my live gigs, I mix covers and my own songs to transfer all these inspirations into my own music style. For instance, in the cover I made of Tracy Chapman’s Talking ‘bout a Revolution, I really try to put a lot of emotions into the song, so that people actually feel some of the revolution (although it’s a lot easier to do that with love songs!)'

Talkin' Bout A Revolution 'Tracy Chapman Acoustic Cover | Adeline Music

Two and a half years ago, you found Gigstarter. How are you enjoying it so far?

'At the beginning, nothing really happened. But after a while, I started receiving requests on the platform from bookers through direct messages. I really like the concept and the free part of it. For both artist and bookers, there are no booking fees, it’s great. So, in order to support the platform, I decided that at the end of the year I’m going to calculate how much I earned thanks to the gigs I got through Gigstarter and give you something.'

You had a gig on Valentine's Day through Gigstarter, how did it go?

'It was awesome! I got a message through Gigstarter from a Spanish guy from Barcelona. He wanted me to learn a specific love song called A thousand years by Christina Perri and then sing it at his girlfriend’s workplace on Valentine’s day. I picked up some flowers he ordered, took my guitar and went to the shopping mall where she worked. I loved this special gig because it was so romantic, unique and it made me go out of my comfort zone. It was hard; I had to learn the song in less than two days and sing and play it without a microphone in front of customers and colleagues of hers, but I was very happy to have taken up the challenge!'


What do you have planned for this year? Is there any new music coming up?

'This year, I’m already booked for three weddings in Spain, two of them thanks to Gigstarter. I also have several other gigs planned thanks to the platform. My goal is to expand to bigger venues like festivals with nice big stages and audiences. I am also collaborating with an electro-pop producer. We have already recorded two covers and the plan is to write songs together. I have a lot of music and performances coming up in 2019, and I’m hoping for even more!'

Spanish version
French version
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