How do you become one of the most booked acts on Gigstarter? An interview with the band De Nouveau

By The Gigstarter Team on 19-10-2018

The Nouveau is one of the most booked acts on Gigstarter. The Belgian band plays a cheerful mix of folk, country and bluegrass in which own songs alternate with traditionals and covers of more recent work. We interviewed band member Wim about his experience on Gigstarter and tips & tricks to get more gigs from the online platform.

Wim, can you give us a short introduction of the band De Nouveau?

‘Certainly, we are a quartet that has a lot of fun in playing songs whereby our audience can forget all their worries. We deliver a fun, cozy, warm and atmospheric evening with our show because our songs have roots in Irish and Scottish folk, but we also play songs from the bluegrass and country world. In our own songs, you can definitely hear these influences.’

denouveauThe band de Nouveau with from left to right Wouter, Katleen, Wim and Jef

How did you find the platform Gigstarter?

‘I act as the booking manager for the group. I actively searched for means to increase our awareness on the internet. We work with a facebook page to share all our activities. But I noticed that it was relatively difficult to collect gigs. By surfing I came to Gigstarter. I immediately created a profile and the results are amazing. I think we definitely have a good cooperation with Gigstarter.'

Your act is very popular on the platform and often booked. Which factors make that possible?

‘We let us book via Gigstarter. There are people who request a booking through our own website, but I always send everyone to Gigstarter. If necessary I make a confirmation myself and send them to our customer to confirm them. But all the bookings we receive are via Gigstarter.'

Do you always send a booking confirmation to the booker via Gigstarter?

‘I send everything, including the confirmation to the booker. Then he also has an overview of the agreements made regarding his booking.'

De Nouveau with the song This Train

Do you have any extra tips for other artists about Gigstarter?

‘Use it. I highly recommended it. It really works.'

How do you generate performances in addition to Gigstarter?

'Word of mouth advertising. Often we get new performances from a gig we played. People who see us at work sometimes will ask for information about a possible booking. I send them to Gigstarter to discuss everything.'

What additional features do you hope Gigstarter will develop in the future?

‘Sometimes we receive different requests for different performances on the same date in a short time. It might not be a bad idea if there is a system, think of an online calendar, where the artist can indicate whether or not he is still available for the requested date. Possibly with the option to indicate that a performance is only possible during the day because in the evening a gig is already booked.'

What are the future plans of your band?

‘We would like play more international gigs. To start, in the Netherlands and the UK. But I do not easily get requests to perform abroad. But mainly it is about having fun and giving the people a great time during one of our performances.'

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