How can artists handle the booking process on Gigstarter?

By The Gigstarter Team on 18-02-2020

Gigstarter gives you the opportunity to express your passion on stage. When a booker shows an interest in your music, it is important not to miss some crucial steps in finalizing the booking process. In this blog, we will remind you how the booking process works on Gigstarter and how you can make it the most profitable for you as an artist.

You received an offer request

Either you are PRO artist or not, on Gigstarter, you can be directly contacted by bookers through a private message. When someone gets in touch with you through a private message, it’s important to answer as soon as possible. The booker is notified immediately when you do so. A quick answer is essential because in that way you are faster than other artists that can be approached by the booker. Checking often your emails and your Gigstarter dashboard avoids you from missing a gig opportunity. On the picture below, you can find the boxes where the notifications are.

Overview of your personal dashboard, with the red narrows indicating the calls and messages from bookers

If you had contact with the booker, you can arrange all the details concerning the price, the location, the songs and more through the chat. We highly recommend you to answer all the booking requests you receive, even if you are not interested, because the potential booker appreciated your profile and showed an interest into your music.

Besides the direct offer request, you can answer to the open call

In addition to the direct request for your music, you can be invited for the open call. The open call is submitted by bookers and the team of Gigstarter is linking the suitable artists for this open call. PRO artists on Gigstarter can respond to this call. Don't forget to leave a message to show that you are available or going to check the availability with the rest of the band. This will be your first approach with the booker!

Take a look at the open call form for bookers

Yet, it happens that the Gigstarter team chose you, even if you are not a PRO member. Very good news! Basically, it means that you fit the bookers' requirements. Yet, you will be able to respond to the call and give your availability, if you become PRO or take a free PRO introduction month. Being PRO has loads of advantages and answering to the call is one of them.

The confirmation

Last but not least: the confirmation. Congratulations with arranging all the details with the booker concerning the price, the time and location. As an artist, it is in your interest to ask for a booking confirmation. From your dashboard, you can create a new confirmation on your own that will be then sent to the booker. Or, you can ask for a confirmation from the chat you had with the booker.

What are the pros of the confirmation?

  1. The booking is official when the booker has accepted the confirmation
  2. After the gig, the booker will receive an email to write a review. (The booker will only receive this email if they have accepted the confirmation before the gig)
  3. All the agreements are written down;
  4. The gig shows up in your personal ‘gigs’ overview;
  5. The gig can be exported to your public calendar
  6. No commission! You confirm a booking for free!

The review

After your gig, the booker have the possibility to leave a review and a mark about your performance. Check here to discover this tool which is key to have a better ranking in the platform. Now everything is confirmed, get ready for the gig and rock!

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