3 Reasons Why Artists Use Gigstarter

By The Gigstarter Team on 28-01-2020

Gigstarter provides thousands of artists with Gigs. We created a free online booking platform for everyone; easy to access and transparent. We summed up three important reasons why artists use Gigstarter!

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1. Free Promotion of your act

You can subscribe for free at Gigstarter and the platform offers you an extra possibility to promote your act. You create your profile and bookers from all over the country can get in direct contact with you. The bookers that use Gigstarter range from small living room concerts to festivals!

photoThe Happy Suspended, picture: Rosa Klamer.

2. No commissions

With Gigstarter, there is no intermediary. This also means that all the money of the negotiated fee will go to you; the artist. You don’t have to pay any commission to Gigstarter or anyone else. There is an optional PRO membership that gives you extra benefits on the website. But you can already start with the free Gigstarter account and get in contact with bookers.

3. Transparent & direct contact with bookers

You are in direct contact with the booker and can negotiate your own terms. With the direct contact, the whole process is faster and more transparent for you and the booker. We are active in 8 European countries and monthly processing hundreds of offer-request for live music. Gigstarter is the best place to get extra leads for Gigs!

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