The best venues in Valencia for live music

By The Gigstarter team on 04-07-2019

Are you planning to go to Valencia, and do you want to know where to find the best live music in town? The Gigstarter team has listed all of the coolest live music venues in the city!

Pop and Rock music at Jerusalem Club

A beautiful historical hall in Valencia. Jerusalem Club is located in the center of the city, in a building that used to be a cinema in the 1940s. It is a historic place, widely known by the public and well connected by public transport. Check out the agenda on their website!

bluesCity of Arts and Sciences

The intimate Loco Club

An intimate place with a great mix of live musical acts and a monthly night that highlights new and talented acts. A music venue by music lovers, for music lovers. At Loco Club you can be sure to run into these genres: rock and roll, soul, country rock, r&b, pop, indie rock etc.

La Fábrica de Hielo

La Fábrica de Hielo is a creative space located on Cabanyal Beach. It's a meeting place for artists from different disciplines that work together on new projects. The location gives a fresh perspective on what artistic Valencia has to offer. Take a look and get inspired!

Jazz music at Jimmy Glass Jazz Bar

Jimmy Glass Jazz Bar is the most famous jazz club in Valencia and was founded in 1991 by Chevi Martínez. The Jimmy Glass regularly programs 4 weekly concerts, and only opens its doors for these concerts. A very exclusive experience!

bluesJimmy Glass jazz Bar

16 Toneladas

16 Toneladas was founded in March 2014. The location began with a room specifically designed for live music. The venue takes care of all the important aspects of live music to make sure all music lovers experience the best sound possible. Check it out for yourself!

Dancing at Retrovisor

Retrovisor is a club that is open until the early hours (18:00 to 3:30), with music from DJs and live bands. Saturdays are dedicated to electronic music and on Fridays you'll find urban sounds, like funk, hiphop, drum and bass and reggae. At Retrovisor you can also spot popular music groups from Valencia, so this place is definitely worth your time!

There you go! The best live music venues Valencia has to offer. Add a few of these to your to-do list when you plan to visit this amazing city and enjoy the musical atmosphere!

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