Meet the team: Sarah Le Corff, Community Manager France

By Tom van der Velpen on 25-04-2018

Sarah Le Corff (21) is our French community manager at Gigstarter. Contacting different French artists, helping bookers and writing interesting blogs are some of her daily activities. It’s about time that we introduce our Parisian music lover to our followers.

What do you do at Gigstarter?

I am Community Manager, focused on France and Wallonia (French part of Belgium). My job is most likely to find and contact talented artists so that they join the platform. The cool thing is also that I am given the opportunity to think about the best strategy to be known in France. Together with the team we reached to have more than 400 artists on the French version of Gigstarter.

SarahSarah Le Corff

Did you had experience working in the music industry before?

As a music passionate, I always try attend gigs wherever I go in France. Most importantly, as the president of my school’s cultural student association, I organized several gigs in Paris that allowed me to meet new artists and managers and work with them.

The office of Gigstarter is in Amsterdam. What do you like most living and working in this city?

As I was born and raised in Paris (France), I came to fully realize how stressful this city is. In Amsterdam, everything seems more relaxed. People are nicer, the city is smaller but as beautiful as Paris and you can do pretty much everything by walking or cycling. Life in Amsterdam is so smooth. Also, working at Gigstarter is a great opportunity, we are an amazing team in a great working space where I got to meet really nice people.

From the French database, do you want to highlight an artist that you especially like?

All the artists on the platform are very talented and I wish I could highlight them all. But I will tell you about two bands. The first band is from Lille, Holispark. They are an amazing, hardworking rock band. They performed at our Gigstarter Café in April and it was awesome!

Holispark - Sunset

The other band is an indie pop band from Paris, Charlotte Fever. To me, they embrace sort of a Parisian, very French spirit. I really like the somehow psychedelic, yet deep lyrics of their songs combined with an electro pop melody. I am definitely going to attend their gigs when I get back to Paris.

Charlotte Fever - Kunigonde

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