Success Stories of PRO+ Members of Gigstarter Part II

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Moving forward to the second part of the series of success stories, we're going to share some fresh tales of the PRO Plus talents on the Gigstarter platform. In our community, there are loads of talented artists rocking the music scene every year, but today, we want to focus on the ones who have managed to take their music across borders and perform in different countries. Get ready to hear about the fantastic journeys and milestones these musicians have achieved on a global scale.

Why become PRO+?

In case you have missed our previous chapter, allows us to give a brief recap. Becoming a PRO+ artist unlocks essential features, allowing artists to stand out on our platform. The key advantage of PRO+ is the opportunity for musicians to perform abroad in countries like the UK, Netherlands, Spain, and more, expanding their reach and network. Additionally, members can enrich their profiles with professional photos, videos, and media coverage. However, for now we would like to focus less on the features and more on the interesting and personal stories of the musicians. In case you would like to know all about the ins and outs of this membership, you can read about it in the benefits of the PRO+ membership article.

Lemon (NL)

Amsterdam-based band Lemon has a rock-solid live reputation in the local music scene. They identify themselves as soul rock, influenced by the Madchester sound and the vibe of the Second Summer of Love, but with a Lemon twist. The band has been on the stage in many countries such as the UK, the US, the Netherlands and even opened for big names like Primal Scream and The Charlatans. After few years of successful of collaboration with Gigstarter, this wonderful band has managed to succeed in more than 15 bookings, impressing the listeners with enjoyable tunes, youthful voice and enthusiasm.

Rock Band performing in the Netherlands

Justin Dolan (UK)

Even though Justin just joined the Gigstarter community, he has already made a significant impact. With over 20 years of experience, Justin is a highly skilled DJ and music producer specializing in techno and house beats. His sets have been played in numerous nightclubs and private parties across the UK, Europe, and beyond, reflecting his diverse influences and creativity of blending various genres and styles. Beyond his musical skills, Justin is an enthusiastic traveler, always seeking inspiration from different cultures. This talented DJ is available for bookings in all 10 countries that we are active in. Do not hesitate to contact him if you have a party coming up!

British DJDJ Set for a private party

One Revolution (BE)

Aboubacar Soumah's musical journey began in Guinea Conakry at the age of eleven when he collaborated with the iconic artist Mamady Keita. His repertoire expanded from Wassalon, Dounia, Dimbaya, and Sollywouley to include dancehall and reggae, captivating audiences with his singing. By 2024, Aboubacar Soumah has performed at various festivals such as Amsterdam Kwaku Festival, Liège, Luxembourg and Cologne. Moreover, he has formed several bands, including Africa United and One Revolution. His Gigstarter profile already gained five bookings with amazing reviews, encouraging everyone to request his live performance for their next event.

Summer festival in Alkmaar

Patricia Foort (NL)

Growing up as the daughter of a Surinamese soul singer and a gospel vocalist, music became an integral part of Patricia Foort’s life. She started singing in children's choirs in Suriname at the age of 6, continuing this path until she returned to the Netherlands at the age of 9. From 1992 onwards, Patricia started singing in cover bands such as Tierra, First Step, GrooveXL, and iSoulation, securing performances all around Europe. However, in 2006, she tried singing solo for the first time at a local wedding and has not stopped ever since. Her style can be described as a thoughtful mix of soul, disco, jazz, and gospel. On Gigstarter, she was booked several times with tremendous success for different kinds of events. You will not regret taking a look at the magic she is doing on stage!

soul and gospel live gigGospel Singer on stage

Violinist Ara Hakobyan (BE)

Ara Hakobyan, a violinist residing in Antwerp, has over 35 years of experience, coupled with outstanding ambition and passion for the instrument. His journey with the violin started at the age of 5 and led up until the graduation from the Komitas State Conservatory of Yerevan in Armenia. Ara Hakobyan’s repertoire involves diverse genres, embracing classical, folk, jazz, bossa nova, and pop sounds. It allows his music to be suitable from occasions such as parties and receptions to baptism and funerals. Despite his niche music segment, he has performed almost 10 times in the Benelux territory and amazed people with his professionalism and organised approach to every gig.

Violinist performance in the restaurant

As a live music booking platform, we are honoured to play a small part in all of these success stories. Gigstarter offers unique PRO and PRO Plus subscriptions, ensuring musicians gain visibility across the European countries we operate in. Whether it's performing in a neighbouring country, or crossing multiple borders at once, take the first step with us, and perhaps it will turn into a giant leap for your career!

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