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By The Gigstarter Team on 14-08-2023

Summer is here! The perfect time for live music in all shapes and forms. There is not better time to fully book that agenda and rock some stages! But why would you only limit yourself to the perimeters as we know them? Did it ever cross your mind to cross some borders? With our PRO+ membership there are no boundaries! Unlock the full potential of your artistic journey, elevate your profile and amplify your success like never before. Read more about the benefits of the membership in this article.

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Features on features on features...

As a PRO member you get to respond to calls, get more reviews, and showcase your talent through not one, not two, but up to five captivating profiles. Immerse your audience in your artistry with a gallery of captivating pictures and live videos of you performances. Let your fans connect with you on a deeper level as your contact details take center stage on your artist profile. Prepare for the spotlight as your gigs take pride of place on our homepage, granting you visibility and recognition. It doesn't have to stop there... Our PRO+ members are the stars of the show, with exclusive opportunities to shine on our social media channels and in our blog posts. As a PRO+ member you get to enjoy all these futures as well and many more. Need a refreshment of the PRO perks? Click here.

Calls without limitations

In a call, bookers give the Gigstarter crew all the details for the event. Once the call has been placed our team invites PRO (and PRO+) musicians only to the gig request. But here's where it gets exciting – these calls typically resonate within a single country, a stage for most. Yet, as a PRO+ member, your canvas is boundless. Has the booker placed a call in Spain for a rock band and you seem to be a match eventhough you are from Belgium? You will be invited to perform abroad! Long story short: get even more gigs and broaden your horizon as a PRO+ member. Even if you're yet to ascend to PRO status, the spotlight doesn't elude you. Non-PRO artists that are invited to a call are gifted a great opportunity – a free trial of the PRO membership of 1 month. Don't miss out on gig opportunities and get to know more about the call system..

promo internationalGet booked in one of the 9 EU countries we are active in.

Unlimited profiles and exposure

Once you become a PRO+ member, you decide in which countries you will be visible. You can create a translation for your profile for a specific country (or all) and the Gigstarter Team will revise the request. You can be visible in England, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. As stated before with the call process, you can be invited to calls coming from other countries. Bookers from other countries will also be able to place a direct request for your services! Ready to curate your global presence with precision and professionalism? The PRO+ membership is where your music becomes a universal language.

Unlike the PRO feature, with PRO+ the amount of profiles you can manage won't be limited to 5. This means you can create a seperate profile for all your acts!

Get to know our PRO+ rockstars!

Want to get to know some of our PRO+ musicians? We selected three of our finest artists that are worth checking out!

Are you convinced of the advantages of the PRO+ membership? Don't wait any longer to join the international gig family and get ready for take off! Immerse yourself in a realm where success knows no limits.

Become PRO+

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