Success Stories of PRO+ Members of Gigstarter Part I

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Our Gigstarter community comprises numerous talents making waves in the music industry. However, only a select few have the privilege of reaching audiences across borders and performing in as many countries as the platform operates in. This article showcases the greatest success stories of musicians with a PRO Plus membership on their journey to achieving milestones across the globe.

Why become PRO+?

After signing up, some artists decide to immediately use the benefits of our memberships, others use the platform free of charge. The question "Why pay more?" might arise. Having a subscription unlocks several essential features within the platform, which helps an artist to stand out among the crowd. Today we would like to talk not only about PRO Plus and why it is worth paying, but provide some intersting examples of artists their success on our platform.

The major difference between the two subscriptions we offer is that with PRO+ musicians get an opportunity to go abroad in the following countries: UK, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, France, Italy, and Austria. Reaching the international market opens new perspectives on live music and brings important connections into your musical network. Moreover, with our subscriptions anyone is able to add more features to the profile such as professional photos, multiple videos and coverage in the media to give bookers a clear and aesthetic image as an individual and professional. We believe even small glow ups in the digital era are able to catch an eye of the user and make a huge impact on their decision making process. That's why the Gigstarter Team handpicked some artists to highlight in this series.

But any arguments would be empty without examples. Today we are sharing personal stories and backgrounds of some of the PRO+ musicians to show that the life you are dreaming of is closer than you think! We are very proud to showcase the talented artists that are part of our Gig community!

Arne Bouten (BE)

A warm and clear voice, acoustic guitar strumming and catchy folk-pop, does it sound perfect? Arne Bouten, a singer-songwriter from Ghent has it all! The repertoire of this musician is truly sincere and heart touching mixing original compositions with unplugged covers of artists from Ed Sheeran to Red Hot Chili Peppers. Last summer he performed in multiple festivals such as the Kampvuurfestival, Leffingeleuren Busker Street and the Krock Festival. Dozens of our clients know about the talent of this young man, which is why Arne Bouten recently reached the millestone of 100 bookings via Gigstarter! We are glad to be an assistant in achieving goals of such kind-hearted and professional artist. Our team congratulate him and wishes further rapid success in the European countries we are active in.

Arne Bouten - Good Things Come (Live @ Het Narrenschip Leuven)

Souldelight (NL)

Neeza, an experienced singer with a silky voice and Miss Jay, a singing dancer of theatre & musical, come together in a special duo Souldelight that is performing soul and disco classics in a unique and refreshing way. They are a perfect opening or closing act for any event, whether it’s a wedding, birthday or company’s private party. These wonderful women will bring you sweet soul music combined with contemporary dance tunes and their experience. With live performances from faraway Thailand to the heart of Netherlands, Souldelight is here to lighten up a day and spread joy.

soul bandThe beautiful women behind Souldeligh

Daniel Marin (NL)

Daniel Marin, known for RTL4's "I Can See Your Voice," is a talented pop vocalist with a repertoire combining a wide range of genres, from Pop/Rock to R&B and Soul. His dynamic and powerful voice guarantees an unforgettable atmosphere and and the stage-bound gazes. Daniel has already made dozens of performances, after which he has invariably received pleasant reviews saying that "his steadfast voice has a power which does not leave anyone unmoved". Over the past few years, Daniel has worked hard to pursue a full-time music career, focusing on live performance, session work and songwriting. In 2022, in collaboration with singer Shanelle de Lannoy and a British songwriting duo, he got the chance to audition for San Marino's national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, which gave him even more motivation to continue developing his skills and surprising future bookers. With the help of Gigstarter Daniel got an opportunity to receive 26 verified booking requests and perform worldwide.

Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye (Cover by: Daniel Marin)


However, PRO Plus members consist not only from bands and solo performers, but also professional DJs. One of the greatest examples of it is Belgian DJ CEDICCI. Growing up and being a big fan of electronic dance music, he started working as DJ Rave C and later as DJ Cedric E in a lot of Belgian clubs. During the pandemic he worked on a new project, a new name and CEDICCI was born. Specializing in the house music of the 90's - known as retrohouse and the current dance, techno, trance and house music. In recent years CEDICCI also started producing his own techno tracks which are now available on international digital music platforms and even signed with Strohm Records and Winked Records. With already 8 bookings via Gigstarter and affordable price of 200 euros, he became a centre of parties all over Europe such as Italy, France and Spain.

DJ setCEDICCI in his element, playing his finest tunes

Typical Spanish Rumba (ES)

Typical Spanish Rumba Collective is much more than just another rumba band, it is many rumba formations and singers gathered in a show production company with musicians of the current scene of Barcelona, to offer you a fresh repertoire covering the new trends of commercial music. Offering the highest quality in all kinds of events, from business meetings to weddings or popular parties, this band sends positive energy and unlimited fun to the audience. If you want sweet sound of Spanish guitar to spice up you event, Typical Spanish Rumba is a perfect choice for you. Event though so far they got only three booking via Gigstarter all of the clients were impressed by musical professionalism of the band and clear communication and promised to invite the musicians to their next events.

spanish rumba bandAn impression of the band, Typical Spanish Rumba Collective

All of these success stories started from small dreams of performing live and grew into the amazing community we are honored to maintain. Gigstarter offers a unique Pro Plus subscription, which ensures musicians get visibility across the European countries we operate in. Whether it's to perform in a neighboring country or to cross multiple borders at once, just take a first step with us! However, these five examples are not the only people who are benefiting from our membership. Keep an eye out for the second part of the Success Stories, coming soon!

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