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By The Gigstarter Team on 13-07-2021

Would you like to host your own party? Let's make something beautiful out of it this summer! As from today you can host as many guests as you want, so you can organise a small or bigger party in your garden at home. And of course there has to be live music!

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How to prepare a backyard party?

To start with, you need to consider how many people there is room for in your garden. Depending on this, you can decide how many friends you invite and whether you invite a solo artist or several musicians. As from July 19th, you can host as many guests as you wish, because the government is to end the "rule of six" - including how many friends you can have at your home, or meet at a pub. Make sure that clear agreements are made with the artist, it may be important to provide a power outlet (or a sound system) when playing amplified music. When you book an artist on Gigstarter it is very easy to make these kind of agreements. Finally, it's advisable to provide enough seating in the garden and nice decoration, for example by hanging ambient lighting and preparing a table with drinks and snacks.

garden partyOrganise a party in your garden

Book live music!

On Gigstarter we have a nice selection of artists who are excited to perform somewhere this summer. From a talented singer-songwriter like Harrison Coleman or Bernard G muller to small acoustic band Slim Blue. Booking a dj is also possible!. By choosing a suitable act, you can take your garden party to the next level and enjoy an unforgettable evening.

Imagine Elliot Porter playing live in your garden

We help you!

If you haven't been able to find a suitable artist for your garden party, you can ask for our help by placing a call. When you place a call, you can specify the style of music you are looking for, your budget, the number of visitors and more. We then use this information to look for suitable artists for your event. You can easily start a conversation with the selected musicians so you can make the perfect choice in the end.

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The regulations

We think it is important that events are organised safely and therefore we recommend you to respect the corona measures in vigor even tough almost all legal restrictions are being lifted on 19 July in England.

Here is a list of some important rules:

  • Keep parties small and controllable.
  • Wash your hands often and properly.
  • Any doubts, stay at home and get tested immediately.

Whatever you choose, try to make something beautiful of it these coming months. Gigstarter wishes everyone a happy and music filled summer!

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