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By The Gigstarter Team on 12-05-2021

Gigstarter always tries to be on top of the trends within the music industry. As an international platform for musicians of any genre, we pay attention at social issues. Today, we decided to join the Spotify movement to foster equity for female artists. Discover what is EQUAL and how the Gigstarter Team supports this initiative.

EQUAL Global Music Program

The low number of women in the the music industry has always been a hot topic. To highlight this phenomena, Spotify investigated and asserted that only 1 in 5 artists on the charts are women. As Spotify is one of the biggest streaming platforms and diffusion of music in the world, they decided to be actively committed to this cause. For the International Women’s Day, they launched the EQUAL hub, a series of initiatives to increase the visibility of women in the music industry. "The campaign will include partnerships, activations, new content experiences, and on- and off-platform support on local, regional, and international levels", the Spotify spokesperson mentioned in a blog post. According to this program, on April 30th, they released 35 EQUAL local playlists in which are featured the most popular and new female voices of a specific country.

Gigstarter playlist

EQUAL Gigstarter

Gigstarter is firmly proud of their female artists on the platform and is actively committed to make them as visible as male musicians. Every music talent should be highlighted. That's why Gigstarter combined all the female voices of the PRO members, coming from eight European countries. Enjoy a bit of different musical universes in our playlist such as pop, jazz and latin music.

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Gigstarter empowers every artist: male, female, we are all EQUAL!

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