The Digital Music Industry one year later – what can we conclude?

By The Gigstarter Team on 03-05-2021

As one of the major actors from the live music scene, Gigstarter made some research about the digital music world. Nowadays, we got especially curious about, how we, meaning you as an artist, can benefit from the huge changes the pandemic brought to the music scene. And let me just tell you, there are various!

Downloading music is yesterday, streaming is today but what will it be tomorrow?

Statistics show that video on demand companies like Netflix or Disney+ are growing dramatically. Same counts for Spotify and Apple Music in contrast to iTunes for instance. People look for easy solutions that perfectly fit in with their budget and daily lifestyle. This might be an additional reason for the growing market share of audio in comparison with videos. During the pandemic, the audio market share represents more than 60% of the digital music consumption. Working and listening to music in the meantime at home, is becoming more popular and can explain the expansion of these digital music platforms. Besides, livestreams took over physical concerts, with over 9.3 billion hours watched, Twitch is now the biggest live streaming platform in the world.

The Digital Music Industry

Users don’t look for perfection but authenticity on social media

What are you looking for when scrolling through Instagram, Facebook or TikTok? Studies show that authenticity and individuality has never peaked as much as now. The pandemic has had a huge impact on everybody, physically and psychologically. We no longer seek perfect versions of reality, we recently got to know as a constantly changing and dramatic challenge all around the world.

But hey! Let's have a look at the advantages for you as an artist! The music industry has always had problems with authenticity and especially for upcoming musicians that would have meant to constantly being told to adapt to trends. On Gigstarter we conquer that system. We want you to be who you really are as a musician! Through direct communication with bookers and a fully commission free booking process, we make live music affordable and accessible for every single person. Being yourself and convincing potential bookers with the most transparent version of yourself and your music on Gigstarter!

Gigstarter as “go-to” for bookers in Europe

Gigstarter has been constantly finding innovative solutions and ways to pitch your music even during the pandemic. We did not only wait for new doors to be opened to us but actively created new ways to increase the artists' visibility. There have been several Jam Sessions in corporation with PRO Artists like DJ Llout, Abdel, or The Rehats and many more! Recently, we have started to host Live HQ Sessions @Gigstarter in Amsterdam streamed on our Youtube Channel. We have received great feedback and will further work on your success as musician in form of Live Gigs around the world!

Live Gigstarter HQ Session in collaboration with Riptide Soundsystem

Summer 2021 alternatives

Now, having all these numbers in our heads, Gigstarter is one step ahead and prepares everything for safe partying alternatives. There is still a lot of uncertainty concerning the question "when will we be able to enjoy live music like we did before?". Yet, we are convinced there must be ways to enjoy live music again this summer. As regards, have you ever considered having your own little concert in the garden, your living room or even on a boat? On Gigstarter, you will find everything you need to create an amazing live concert experience with artists from any genres.

Gigstarter supports every artist with high empowerment to creativity and talent because the music is bringing us all together and has no gender!

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