International Women's Day

By The Gigstarter Team on 05-03-2021

Who run the world? Girls!

We quote Beyonce's most famous song when she stood up for women and encouraged female empowerment and girls' union. So we were thinking about the International Women's Day – what does it actually stand for?

Everything started in 1908, in New York, when thousands of women went on the street to protest against terrible working conditions in factories and unfair wages especially for women. They claimed the female voting right to become legal. One year later the SPA (The Socialist Party of America) announced that the 8th March would become the International Women's Day. It did not take long to become a worldwide celebration to raise awareness on gender equality and fairness between women and men. In 1975, the UN proclaimed this day as well to stand for gender equality and world peace and shall be celebrated on whatever day the member states would consider it to fit in with their own history.

Ever since, loads of people go on the streets and fight for equality on this special occasion. This is something that most people in the Western World already consider to be a matter of course. But is that true? Considering that until today, many women face barriers in society, working places or just in daily life that have to be conquered unitedly, maybe not.

Girl Power in the music industryPamela Magal one of our international PRO+ female artists

Female artists in the music industry

Is it different in the music industry? Well, it's far from being an exception to the rule. Indeed, the music industry is still a male-dominated field. As an example, all-female acts only make up 14% of music festival lineups in the world and Adami, a french organisation, reveals that 28% women perform in the music scene. The problem lies in behind the scenes : the promotion and distribution is mostly run by men as few women in comparison to men are at high position in the music companies such as labels, majors or distributors. However, the music industry is making progress to try to become a more equal environment for the benefit of the workers and society.

Female musicians & team members on Gigstarter

One of our artists' point of view

We have asked some questions to Miriam Luna, a PRO Artist from Vienna. Let's check her point of view on how the situation is for her in the music industry.

How did you experience your start in the music scene?

My entry into the music scene was very natural and smooth, since I used to play and include music in my life from a very young age.

Did you have the feeling of being treated differently because of your gender that would have caused potential barriers at some points?

Compared to other professions, the music industry is a difficult sector for woman in general….But it is true that the industry has been advancing over the last years and nowadays you can see more female musicians on stage. We all play an important role in the recognition of women in the music scene.

Are there any tips you would like to give to up-coming female artists about the music industry?

Follow your dreams and always do what makes you happy!

Thank you for the interview!

We have a lot going on at Gigstarter this year concerning the International Women's Day! Make sure to check our Women Power Video Compilation of female PRO Artists on Youtube as well as our stories on Instagram. We are happily reading your feedback there in the comments!

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