Meet the Team: Solène Brachet, Community Manager of France and Spain

By The Gigstarter Team on 12-06-2019

In the beginning of this year, Solène joined the Gigstarter team at the office in Amsterdam. She has been a great asset for the team and helped a lot with the growth of Gigstarter in Spain and France. We asked her about working at Gigstarter, tips for artists and her plans for the future!

SoleneSolène in Amsterdam next to the Gigstarter office

What do you do at Gigstarter?

'I spend my days working on the French and Spanish market along with Erik, co-founder of Gigstarter. It is a really diverse job between helping artists and bookers, finding new musical talents, creating content on social media and on the website such as blogs and interviews. Every day is different, so I don't have time to get bored.'

Did you already had experience in the music industry?

'Before coming to Gigstarter, I have never worked in the music industry. As a music passionate, I always wanted to work in this industry and thanks to Gigstarter I think I found my way.'

What do you like most about your work at Gigstarter?

'I really loved being in contact with French and Spanish musicians, helping them to get more visibility and gigs across Europe. On the other hand, helping the bookers was an awesome experience because you work to offer them the best. I definitely enjoyed the multicultural aspect of my job at Gigstarter, and the fact I had to multitask.'

You helped a lot of artists these past months. Is there any advice you can give artists that are starting out on Gigstarter?

'It is really important for a client to understand in half a second who you are, artistically speaking of course. A great video and picture in your profile and a well-written description is essential. Don't forget that Gigstarter is like Linkedin, it is a kind of a musical CV, so be precise and honest to get gigs opportunities!'

teamSolène and the rest of Gigstarter team!

Your favorite music is hardstyle, can you tell us about your love for that genre?

'For example, I wake up every morning with B-Front or Phuture Noize. The more BPM there are in the music, the happier I am! I think it is more than a music genre because behind the BPM, there is a huge community/unity and the French one is growing fast (which I am very happy with). I can also switch to Afro bros or Maluma to Kölsch and Amelie Lens within seconds.

From the French database, do you want to highlight an artist that you especially like?

'Guess what? It's a DJ! If I have to choose one, I would say KabylieMinogue, this duo of DJs from Paris is a really good mix of a world music and house that transports you. On top of that, I had really good contact with them, so I will definitely go and enjoy a performance of them back in France.'

Kabylie Minogue @ Dérives Festival

What are you future plans?

'I learnt a lot here, so I am ready to take up any challenges! However, for now, I am looking for a full-time job in Marketing/ communication across Europe and I would prefer in the music industry. Because guys, more women are needed in this industry ;).'

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