How to use the Gigstarter agenda

By The Gigstarter team on 12-11-2019

The agenda on your Gigstarter profile has many benefits for your act. In this blog we give you some essential tips on how to benefit from using the Gigstarter agenda.

What is the Gigstarter Agenda?

The Gigstarter Agenda consists of two parts: the personal agenda on your artist profile and the agenda on the homepage of Gigstarter

How do I create new events in my agenda?

You can add an event to your agenda by going to Profile in your personal dashboard and the submenu Agenda. Then click on the button Create a new event, and enter the details of your event. All your events come on the agenda on your profile by default.

The agenda of Gigstarter artist Vincent O'Brien, as seen in his Gigstarter dashboard

Benefits of using the Gigstarter agenda on your profile

This free feature on Gigstarter is important. This way, the booker gets a good impression from your act, where you perform and how many times you get on stage. By adding gigs to your agenda potential bookers can even visit your gigs to watch your show. The event itself is also a good promo tool to use during your promotion of the gig.

Upcoming & Old Gigs overview on the artist profile from Vincent O'brien

Your events on the Gigstarter homepage

Add all your Gigs that are open to the public to your agenda. When adding them to to your profile, it's also possible to feature them on the homepage of Gigstarter. This way all the visitors of the homepage see your coming Gigs. This option is available for all PRO artists on the website, and activated if you click on Public event that should be published in the Gigstarter agenda?. To fill in this section, log into your account, go to the Dashboard, click on Profile and then on Agenda.

Screenshot of the form you have to fill in for an agenda event

Benefits of publishing your events on the Gigstarter homepage

Firstly, your events that are displayed on the homepage give the performances extra promotion. The homepage is viewed by thousands of music lovers; locally and international users of the platform.

Secondly, the agenda event boosts the find-ability of the event on Google. People that search on the venue or act, are easier directed to your profile this way.

To highlight your events on the homepage you have to create an event as a PRO artist. Its one of the many benefits you have as an PRO artist. Click on the red button bellow to become a PRO artist.

Become PRO

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