How to get a higher ranking on google?

By The Gigstarter Team on 28-11-2019

In this blog we give you a couple of tips on how to get a higher ranking on google with your personal website


The widget is a booking button which you can implement very easy on your own website. Once you have added the Gigstarter booking button to your own created website we will activate a button on your Gigstarter profile which will link to your website. By creating this backlink the two websites will rise on Google's ranking. So let's start cooperating and make it a win win situation for both of us. How does it work?

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How do I add the Gigstarter booking widget?

Step 1

If you have created your website through other platforms such as Jimbo, Wordpress or WIX then follow the links below.

Then, select your profile on this page and you will see instructions on how to place the Gigstarter booking widget on your website.

Booking widget

Step 2

Select your artist name below. In a few steps you'll have the Gigstarter widget on your website. As soon as you have placed the widget on your website, Gigstarter will activate a link back to your website. Please notify us by sending an email to as soon as you've embedded the widget.

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By adding this button we will put a link to your web page on your Gigstarter profile. This will make both pages go up in the Google ranking. For more information and how to place this button click here

Step 3

On this page you can view the widgets that are available for Vincent O'Brien. To embed the Gigstarter widget on your website, copy the HTML code in the text box below, and paste it in a HTML page on your website. If you want to embed the widget but don't manage your website yourself, please send the URL of this page to your web-developer. He or she will know how to follow these instructions. As soon as you've embeded the widget, please send an email to Once notified, we will activate the backlink to your website on your profile.


What is the Gigstarter widget?

With the Gigstarter Widget you're placing a book-me button on your website that links to your Gigstarter profile. Using the widget increases your chances of getting bookings.

How do I place the widget on my website?

Select the artist that you want to place get the widget for. You'll see instructions on how to place the booking button on your website.

Why use the Gigstarter widget?

By integrating the widget on your website, Gigstarter will activate a backlink to your website in return. With this link to your website, your ranking on search engines such as Google will rise.

Also potential bookers will discover your Gigstarter profile more easily, where they will see independent reviews about your performance. This will stimulate them to book you confidently and free of charge via Gigstarter.

In short, you increase your chances of bookings and increase your ability to reach fans.

Who uses Gigstarter widgets?

The widget is primarily used by the artists themselves, but can also be used by users who would like to promote a certain band, dj or ensemble. As a manager or booking agency you can also use the widget.

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