How to discover new music

By Tom van der Velpen on 06-08-2019

Every day, more than 24,000 new songs are uploaded on Spotify alone. This is a huge amount, and it discourages many people from looking for new music. This must change, and let's help each other! That is why I, Tom from Gigstarter, have listed the ways how I discover music and I am very curious how you approach it (let us know in the comments!).

In your own bubble

As an frequent Spotify user I start my week with my Discover Weekly. This is an automatically generated playlist that Spotify creates based on music that you have previously listened to. The result differs, and goes from guilty pleasures to really good songs. Also subscribe to the Discover Weekly's of friends and hear a flood of new songs every week.

I can also recommend going to live concerts. You regularly experience a great evening and some songs that you hear get even more meaning because you experience it live. In this way I have (re)discovered countless songs. Such as the enchanting Better Living Through Chemistry which silenced a packed venue.

Queens of the Stone Age - Better Living Through Chemistry live at Rock Am Ring 2014

Outside the bubble

It is of course safe and comfortable in your own musical bubble, but how do you get out of your own bubble? I like to be guided by the opinion of others.

An ideal website for finding the musical opinion of others is Metacritic. Through this website I have discovered many albums from different artists. What I particularly like is that you can easily go back in time in the search engine, and the website shows the judgment of both journalists and ordinary listeners.

Another way to get out of my bubble is the Year End lists. In December I am on the edge of my seat, devouring all the Year-End lists of newspapers and websites. From the Guardian to the Rolling Stone, everyone has their own Year End lists that always surprise. You can discover what you may have missed in the past year.

I discovered The War on Drugs in the Year End lists of 2014

The traditional way

I certainly do not want to flatten out the traditional media in this list. In this era with a large selection of music, I need curators who guide me through the musical landscape. I don't listen to much radio, but the French radio station FIP and Belgian Studio Brussels always make me smile with their original and refreshing music taste. Also check the Studio Brussels playlist that is full of newly released songs.

KT Tunstall had her major breakthrough after her show on Jools Holland

Regarding TV, the British Jools Holland should be mentioned in this list. Since 1992 he has presented "Later With Jools Holland": a live show in which musical legends, along with upcoming talent, give an appearance. Also watch on YouTube the many highlights of this show that is still on TV!

These are my ways to discover (new) music, I hope it's helpful. But I am also very curious how you discover music, so that everyone's search for music can improve! I update the blog with the additions.

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