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By The Gigstarter Team on 16-08-2022 |

Gigstarter is all about transparency, which is one reason why we would like to share some insights with you. Things have gradually shifted towards normality throughout the year after the pandemic hit the music industry horrendously, including us. However, thankfully the past few months we were able to rise again like a Phoenix from the ashes! Check out some of the Gigstarter milestones that we have reached throughout this year.

Evergrowing Community

Have you heard the news already? Our community consists of 11 000 musicians and counting! Furthermore, our PRO community has continued to expand in the past months, with a big part of our PROs being based in the Netherlands followed by our Belgian, Spanish and German markets.

number musicians gigstarterMore than 11 0000 musicians in July 2022

Exponential Growth in Booking Requests

Following from the last point, we have seen a cohesive growth in our artists as well as our booking requests. During the first quarter of the year we saw the pandemic effects minimizing and people started to truly enjoy live music again. In May, we hit a record with over 1000 booking requests requests in only one month, including the 9 countries we are active in. The bookers really wanted to celebrate the Summer of Live with live performances during outdoor gatherings. The bookings didn't go downhill from there as we have been able to keep the growth stable. This shows how desired and needed live music really is, especially after the pandemic. For the end of the year, we except a slight growth in the music demand and especially for occasions like Christmas, corporate and family celebrations.

booking requestsBooking requests evolution, 2022

Quality and Quantity Matched

Reviews of our artists are just as valuable for us as it is for them. When an artist is booked on Gigstarter, the booker is able to write a review of the acts performance. We are absolutely in awe at how high bookers tend to score our artists and that our growing community keeps on being built by fantastic musicians.

reviews gigstarterOver 100 monthly reviews on our platform for our talented artists, 2022

Satisfied Artists

Did you know some of our musicians have been using the PRO membership for almost 6 years now? The Rivals from the Netherlands are one of those loyal bands. "I think that through Gigstarter, especially for us as young musicians, a whole new world opened up" according to Jeff from the Dutch boys band. They even reached 100 bookings through Gigstarter in April! Our artists are extremely important to us and we love seeing people sticking around for the long run. In the picture below, we gathered some reviews from several PRO members that were satistied with our platform.

gigstarter reviewOur PRO artists evaluating Gigstarter

Want to hear some of the words our artists have to say about Gigstarter? Watch the video below featuring some of our artists to get an idea of how they value our platform. Cheers to our lovely Spanish José Carlos García, ViDa from Italy, MV singer from France, PanKart the belgian rock band, Elliot Porter from the United Kingdom, TIAHI from Germany, Green Leather from Portugal (our latest addition to all the countries we operate in!), Marley Wildthing from Austria, Kiwi Club from the Netherlands. And last but not least some live music footage from The Rivals who have been with us since the very beginning.

Have you heard? We are crowdfunding! Click here to learn more about how you can get involved in making our mission of making live music accesible to all.

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