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By The Gigstarter Team on 31-08-2022

We have exciting news here at Gigstarter! We want to offer you the opportunity to become a co-owner of Gigstarter through a crowdfunding. You can visit our crowdfunding campaign on CrowdAboutNow. Even though we are hosting our campaign on a Dutch platform, you are still able to invest if you are based in Europe. Join us in our mission into making live music accesible to all
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Watch this video to get a get a quick summary of what we are planning to do!


crowdfundingAn overview of our plans


The team has worked hard behind the scenes on the designs and first prototypes of a mobile app that makes it fun to discover artists in your neighbourhood. In the app you 'swipe' along artists who give an impression of their show with a live video. By 'liking' artists, a hotlist is created or, if you have big plans, a complete line-up. The app makes discovering musical talent a fun activity and makes it even easier to check out artists at any time of day, for your own event, or as a nice surprise to a loved one. Thanks to our in-house developed AI, we can ensure perfect matchmaking and a nice, personalised user experience.

gigstarter appA quick look at what our future app will look like.


In addition to launching our innovation, it’s time for us to take a strong and prominent position in the market. First, in the 9 countries in which we’re active and then all over Europe. This crowdfund will ignite the first step in scaling up Gigstarter and fully commercialising our services. By expanding our user base, we’ll reach a tipping point after which growth is driven by organic factors. A point we’ve already reached in the Netherlands and which we’ll be able to reach all across Europe within the scope of this plan.


Certificates of shares are issued for €5 each and the minimum investment amount is €250. By investing you become a central part of our community, help artists become self-sufficient and catalyse a wave of DIY live music events in Europe. As mentioned above, we are hosting our campaign on a Dutch platform therefore investment needs to be done through iDeal which is Dutch payment system. Contact us at invest@gigstarter.nl if you need some help when making the payment.

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