Dario Distasi - The Italian Addition to the Manchester Music Scene

By Rutger Maas on 08-07-2019

Dario Distasi is a British singer-songwriter, with roots in Italy. He released his debut EP 'Letting Go' earlier this year, which was recorded in Nashville. Being such an international artist, it was high time for an interview with this gentleman. Gigstarter talked with him about his music, inspirations and plans for the future!

Let's start off with a little background of you, when did you start playing music?

'My passion for music started when I first strummed a guitar, and I hope it'll never stop. I've always defined myself as a guitarist, and so I got into different genres and took lessons from some very good teachers. At one point, I realised I wanted to be... My own guitar player. The thing I really love about music is creating. I write everyday. I started taking singing lessons, producing my songs and working more and more on my songwriting.'

Dario DistasiDario Distasi

You studied music in Italy. and moved to the UK. What was the reason you relocated to the UK?

'Because of music, I moved to Rome to attend the renowned Saint Louis College of Music after graduation. I moved again to the UK in 2015, drawn by the Manchester music scene. It's thriving, which gives me plenty of opportunities for showcasing my music.'

How did the music scene in Italy differ from the one in the UK?

'Firstly, the live music culture is very diverse in the UK. There's more space for original music, which is harder to play in Italy. Tribute acts are a big thing in both countries, although I've never played for one and I'm not a big fan, I don't necessarily think that they are bad for independent artists.'

'We need people to go to venues and support musicians. Some of us, however, feel entitled to having a big audience, even though our music hasn't been heard by others before. Some concertgoers may be a bit lazy, but I believe there's a reason why people don't risk paying for an act they don't know - there is also a lot of bad music out there.'

What has living and recording in all these different countries taught you so far?

'Something really good came out of all of it. I've learned that, no matter your background, when it comes to music people really don't care about who you are, they care about what you write instead. I'm really glad we receive good feedback when play live. That motivates me to keep writing and go further. For example, recording my new EP 'Let it Go' in Nashville was incredible and was really taking my music to the next step.'

The latest music video from the EP: 'When The Lights Go Down'

You perform solo and in a band formation, what do you prefer and why?

'That's a tricky question. I love the intimate setting of an acoustic performance. However, the excitement and interplay I get from sharing the stage with my band mates is amazing too. I guess they both are equally important to me.'

How did you find out about Gigstarter and what do you think of the platform?

'As an independent artist, I take care of everything. This involves the creative process, social media, merchandising, and, of course, gigs. I was googling for gigs and your platform came up. It makes things easier, and I secured more gigs since I subscribed to Gigstarter.'

From what artists do you draw inspiration and how does that translate onto your work?

'Lots, but if I have to highlight one artist it would be Chris Cornell. He has made a huge impact on me over the last 15 years. His lyrics and memorable songs really left a mark on me. I listen to songwriters, pop and instrumental music more than I do listen to rock.'

What can your fans expect from you in the future?

'I am recording new songs, which I want you to hear soon. I'm also planning to focus more on my YouTube channel; I have some videos I'm very proud of there, and I really want to share more on what I do with fans. So stay tuned!'

Check out Dario's Gigstarter profile and find Dario on Spotify, Facebook and Instagram.

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