Reigniting the Gigstarter Cafe

By The Gigstarter Team on 08-09-2022

This past Friday we came back stronger than ever with a new edition of the Gigstarter Cafe in Amsterdam. With amazing perfomances from both Bovenburen and DJ Continental drift and a special announcement from our CEO Paul de Kuyper about our crowdfunding, the night was filled with great moments.

Music, Art and Culture

It was incredible to see that this edition of the Gigstarter Cafe brought many old and new faces to the Vrij Paleis. The audience was filled with people from all ages from early twenties to sixties. On the walls you could see some amazing art so when people were not socialising, or grooving along to the music, they could admire the incredible art work that was in place for the monthly Art & Craft Market at Vrij Paleis.

gigstarter cafe

The first act to play at the event was Bovenburen. A new act made up of four awesome musicians graced the stage with their groovy tunes. It was perfect way to get the night going and get people on their feet to dance! Next we had DJ Continental Drift, which filled the dancefloor for the last part of the night and made sure the good vibes were carried on until the end.

Gigstarter Crowdfunding

As you might of seen on socials or heard at the event we are crowdfunding! We have been working hard behind the scenes to improve our services for both artists and bookers and we are ready to take Gigstarter to the next level. How you can help us? By investing or sharing the link to our crowdfund to your network you will be helping us make live music accessible to everyone. Below you can watch a short video in which our CEO Paul explains all the essentials you need to know about our crowdfund.

Watch this video to get a get a quick summary of what we are planning to do!

Want to get involved? Visit our crowdfunding blog learn more or visit our campaign page CrowdAboutNow to invest.
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