Buma Music in Motion 2019: The power of music in media

By Gigstarter Team

The Gigstarter team attended the Buma Music in Motion conference in Amsterdam. The day was all about the innovative use of music in the media. Check out what we learnt from the music experts, composers and publishers about music in media!

Music trends in Films

Media music expert Hans Brouwer, founder and CEO of MassiveMusic (one of the leading music agencies worldwide), expressed his point of view about the landscape of composing music for films in 2019. The music composing trend follows the general music trend, since there is no special genre attached to trailers or films. Yet, he pointed out that the use of acoustic music in trailers and films is no longer popular. However, the panel at the the talk did see an increase in storytelling-based composition to create emotional feelings to the audience. The use of music in a film or series can be an awesome career catalyst for an artist. When your song is used on a Netflix show, you can expect to receive hundreds of emails and your content could go viral.

fotoThe different talks during Buma Music in Motion were held in the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam. Picture by Jorn Baars

Short history of music in Commercials

Josh Rabinowitz, the American music consultant who founded the Brooklyn Music Experience introduced us into the history of music in advertising. In 1970, the Coca Cola's jingle from Hilltop I'd like to buy the world a Coke became a real single which ranked first in the top 10 US music and was also a big hit in Europe. It was actually the most expensive ad that has ever been done in the world. Thirty years later, things started to change as music in advertising became a real important way to expand the branding of a company. Music turned to an essential part of the ad concept. Nowadays, as a composer, you will get more exposure with an Apple ad than through a radio broadcast. As an example, in 2007, the music from the Australian band Jet went viral as well as the Ipod ad from Apple.

The Ipod commercial with the song Are you Gonna Be My Girl by Jet

The next ad Josh mentioned was thrilling. You might recognise the song ''You & Me" from Disclosure, remixed by Flume in the Lacoste ad. A great example of the leading role of the music in a commercial.

The Lacoste ad with the song "The Big Leap" - Disclosure You & Me

Selection of tips for composers

During the exciting conference, music experts and composers gave crucial advice to upcoming composers. First, Martijn Schimmer, founder of SMP Amsterdam, suggested that composers should approach film academies where upcoming directors are located. It is a way to enter the music film business. Composing music for free, even if it takes time, can be a good kick-off for your career as well!

As Gijs Knol, a brilliant Dutch composer, highlighted, don't be afraid to be unique and specialise in a genre: it is actually the way to stand out from the crowd. Also, don't hesitate to use Spotify and Apple Music as a marketing tool; this is not a way to make money but a way to get more exposure. If you contemplate a career in the trailer music industry in the US, you should first have a local publisher as a partner in your country who can help you to get in touch with American agencies.

networkA important part of the conference are the networking areas and possibilities for all the visitors working in the music industry.

Once again, we enjoyed an inspiring edition of The Buma Music in Motion. We are looking forward to next year to learn even more things about this branch of the music industry!

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