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By The Gigstarter Team on 17-05-2021

Summer is coming, bars and terraces are opening up again and we can enjoy more and more often live music performances. What a great news! The Gigstarter team gathered some tips for you, as an artist, to get a higher ranking on Google to become more visible and get more chances to perform again. Are you ready to be more booked?

Do you have your own website?

YES I have a personal website

If you've created your own website on Wordpress, WIX or other platforms, you can appear higher in the search results thanks to our little magic button. It's called the Gigstarter widget. When you add this booking button on your own website, we're linking both websites and helping each other to appear upper. Do you often to the second page of the results from Google or other search engines? Most of the bookers won't, so let's appear first, to raise the chances to be booked even more.

How do I add the book me button?

Follow this video tutorial to implement the button on your personal website.

How to implement the Gigstarter book me button on your website

If you need help to implement the HTML code into your website, we advise to check these tips below:

Then, select your profile on this page and you will see instructions on how to place the Gigstarter booking widget on your website.

book me buttonBook me button

  • Last but not least: The Gigstarter team would need to activate your personal website button on your Gigstarter profile. So that bookers can go directly from your artist profile to your personal website. Please send an email to to ask for the approval of your widget.

    NO I don't have a personal website

    We have a quick solution, if you didn’t build up your own website yet! On Google my business, you can create a free 'business profile' with a picture from a previous performance and your artist name among other indications. In a few clicks, you can either create a gmail account or signing in with your own one. Then, you would need to fill in some informations and one of them is quite relevant for your ranking: the website. Even if you don't have one, you can insert the link instead from your Gigstarter profile. You can also add further in the description.

  • Tip: It is obviously not mandatory to make your address public. We advise you to put ''England'' for instance, the region or country where you're willing to play.

    Who can use the Gigstarter book me button?

    The widget is primarily used by the musician themselves, but can also be used by users who would like to promote a certain band, dj or ensemble. As a manager or a booking agent, you can also implement the shortcut to boost the artists' visibility and bookings through the widget.


    Whether you built up a website or not, you should associate your live performance with a specific genre of course but also with famous artists that you get inspired from. But here the tags are slightly different than genres or sounds like. These are specific words such as ''acoustic", "electrical guitar", "piano", ''online gig'' that give the booker more accurate data about the live music experience you offer.

    It is very important that you add tags to your profile. To fill in these tags, log into your account. Go to the Dashboard, click on Profile and then on Edit Profile and you will have the possibility to add several tags, the more the merrier!

    Still not have a widget on your website?

    Start creating widget

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