The benefits of the confirmation on Gigstarter

By The Gigstarter Team on 12-03-2020

What are the benefits of sending a confirmation to the booker on Gigstarter? We made a short tutorial video to explain the proces. Check it out!

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The three benefits of sending a confirmation to a booker

1st benefit: The booker and the artist will have all the agreements on paper

If you have an agreement with the booker and all the details are discussed, it's good to have a clear overview of all the information from the event. The confirmation on Gigstarter is the perfect overview for you and the booker.

2nd benefit: The artist will receive a review from the booker after the Gig

When sending a confirmation through Gigstarter, the day after the gig an email is send to the booker with a request to write an evaluation about you. This way you will accumulate reviews about your performance. It is very important that the bookers accept the confirmation before the gig because otherwise they will not receive the invitation to write an evaluation. For more information about the confirmation click here.

The reviews of Vincent O'Brien

3rd benefit: Thanks to the review of the booker your ranking on Gigstarter will rise

With reviews you get higher on the ranking on Gigstarter and you increase your chance to get more booking requests. The amount of reviews, the rating and the date of the review all influence your position on the ranking of Gigstarter.

How to send a confirmation in three steps

Step 1

You received an offer-request via Gigstarter. If you have reached an agreement with the booker through the chat or phone then you can click on the button draft a confirmation to make it a verified gig.


Step 2

Fill in the form with all the details of the event and click on Send offer.


Step 3

This confirmation must be accepted by the booker. If the confirmation is not accepted the booking won't be verified. If the booker does not accept the confirmation he won't get an email to write a review. Once the booker has accepted the confirmation you'll receive an email. Besides the email you can find the accepted confirmation in your dashboard in the tab Gigs. The accepted confirmation should look similar to the picture below.


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