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It can be fun to have live music in your pub every once in a while. Whether you're celebrating someone's birthday, having a graduation party or something else to celebrate. A band or DJ can give the evening that special element.

For a lavish party, a cover band, funk band or bebop band may be appropriate. On Gigstarter, you can find all kinds. Also folk music and smartlap often do well. Consider live music during a football game. Whether it's the league, a World Cup match or a European Championship match. Live music makes your pub more special than your neighbor's.

For a quieter party, a jazz band or a semi-acoustic band can be just right. Although the spectrum within these genres still runs from quiet background music to danceable swing songs.

On certain occasions or moments, a DJ may be a better choice. DJs come in all shapes and sizes and are a lot more fun than a playlist because they mix live music and know how to set the mood well with the audience.

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