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Oktoberfest is one of the best parties of the year! Taking your friends to a pub, or festival? Maybe you're organising your own event? on Gigstarter you'll find everything you need to organise your very own Oktoberfest. All kinds of live music can make a great addition to a live event.

Oktoberfest is all about schlager music. You can find all kinds of schlager artists on Gigstarter when you're looking to entertain a large number of people. You can always check the Oktoberfest-box under occasions. That way you'll find all the artists on Gigstarter that are ready to perform on your Oktoberfest.

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Do you want to get people dancing? Then have a look at bigger acts such as funk bands. They'll be able to turn your event into a blasting party. Oktoberfest is a great occasion to let everything go, and go all out with your party. Do you want everyone to dance, but you don't want to have a whole band at your event? Then check out our DJs. They're a great option as well.

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