The Gigstarter Christmas playlist

By The Gigstarter Team on 21-12-2020

Getting bored of Mariah Carey's song for Christmas? Many Gigstarter artists compose their own festive Christmas songs to spread love, happiness during this special period of time. The Gigstarter team wish you all a merry Christmas! Now, turn up your speakers and listen to our amazing artists.

Let's Get into the Holiday Spirit

Despite the sanitary situation, we try to get hyped for the Holiday and Christmas time! Why don't you listen to our chill Spotify playlist to get in the mood? You will discover J.D Hanke, Sleepwalker's station and Marvin Timothy and many mores. From solo artists to bands or ensembles, every musician will make you feel like if you were in the Laponian region.

ASNDA: a charismatic singer

ASNDA is a Pop/R'n'b singer with electronic HipHop influences. She is a rising internationally artist from South Africa. Her performances are both moving and exhilarating leaving nothing about herself unexplained. This time, she welcomes you to her Christmas world.

On Christmas by ASNDA Music a singer-songwriter

Sound of Snow: a fantastic duo

Sound of Snow is an instrumental Christmas duo consisting of Rozanne Ebenau on flute and Erik de Jong on accordion. Together they have built up a repertoire of festive Christmas songs. The Christmas songs from Sound of Snow are very suitable during Christmas dinners. As they play acoustically, they are really flexible on where they can stand and play.

Compilation of Christmas songs by the duo Sound of Snow

The Brassbells: the Christmas band

The Brassbells is an enthusiastic Christmas ensemble consisting of 4 conservatory trained horns wearing appropriate Christmas clothes.

The Brassbells, the Christmas band

Christmas & Crooning: the solo show

Christmas & Crooningis a 'Corona Proof' act. Indeed, you can still listen to his covers while celebrating the cozy December month with live music at home! In a suit or with a wrong Christmas jumper, but always with a lot of enthusiasm.

Last Christmas - Christmas & Crooning

If you are interested in these acts, do not hesitate to contact them on their Gigstarter profile for an Online private gig.

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