DIY: Manage yourself as a musician

By The Gigstarter team on 24-09-2020

Most musicians don’t kick off their career with a manager. Indeed, how can you pay for a manager before your art becomes a revenue stream? Not possible, but also not a problem. Gigstarter can be used as a valuable tool for self-managed musicians.

Branding & identity

To stand out from the crowd, you need to find out what makes you special and build on that. What do you have, that others don’t have? How is your music different from the rest? Think about yourself and how you see yourself as an artist. Then try to translate it into your artistic identity. This branding lies in the picture you add on your Gigstarter profile sign-up, your profile description, your live video, your artist name and the atmosphere of your whole online presence. You can use Gigstarter to make your profile as appealing as possible and change it whenever you want.

terraceHarrison Coleman performing

Business(wo)man and Artist

As a self-managed artist, you are the musician and businesswoman/man at once. Being the greatest musician alive does not guarantee you success. You have to create a public identity and get bookings of course. You need to make the world aware of you first, build a reputation fueled by the Gigstarter reviews you receive from the bookers who enjoyed your show. The Gigstarter agenda is also a useful management tool to help you organize your events and promote yourself. You can add upcoming and past gigs, which can impress potential bookers.

Vision and promotion

Trying to survive as an artist can be tough. You should set goals, targets as a manager would do for you. Artists often start their dreams full of hope and enthusiasm, but lose their drive as time goes on or failure hits. Once you have established a clear vision, image, brand you can start promoting yourself. Then, you will build up a fanbase and keep on entertaining them. Gigstarter is a reliable marketing tool as the team will highlight you on socials, on the website, on press articles to increase your visibility.

terraceThe Zone

Empowering musicians

The Gigstarter platform is a great catalyzer for you, to portray yourself to the world. Create an appealing profile, attract bookers, build a reputation thanks to your gigs, reviews and promotion. And do not forget that a basic account is free, no signing up costs nor commissions are taken from your gigs.

You have to use the platform wisely. So, stop procrastinating and kick off your own career!

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