The Gigstarter DJ of the Year 2019: Savio Damiano

By The Gigstarter Team on 26-11-2019

The Dutch DJ Savio Damiano is the Gigstarter DJ of the Year 2019! We spoke with Savio about his career as a DJ, ambitious plans for the future and how he became the DJ of the Year.

How did you start as a DJ?

'I started playing the guitar at the age of 16, that's how I rolled into rock bands and metal bands. Eventually I ended up in a band where we tried to combine metal with dubstep and that's how I rolled into production and finally I started performing as a DJ. This was mainly because I wanted to play my own records.'

savio Savio Damiano

Wat kind of songs do you make and perform, and why in these genres?

'I make tech house myself, because it's a fairly common genre. The advantage of this genre is that you can easily incorporate pieces of guitar into it and quickly create a funky/groovy bass line. I also play tech house during DJ sets, but accompanied with funky, soulful, tribal and latin house. Of course I can play more genres if the occasion is asking for it.'

You are from Rotterdam, what do you think of the current club and nightlife scene of this Dutch city?

'The current club scene in Rotterdam could be a lot better if you ask me, but that is my personal preference. The offer of active nightlife is about what the people want and in my opinion most people in Rotterdam do not want gigantic clubs, but rather a pub with a homely atmosphere. Although the clubs we have are really cool! I hope to be able to play there one day!'

Congratulations on the Gigstarter DJ of the Year title! Have you ever won a DJ competition?

'Thanks! This is the first DJ competition I have won and I think it is a really cool opportunity for me. I want to thank everyone who voted for me!'

* Connect to the music # 3 - Mixed by Savio Damiano *

How did you get in contact with Gigstarter?

'I saw an advertisement on Facebook, I checked it and I immediately noticed that I think it's a great and easy platform to work with.'

What is the nicest gig you've ever had?

"That's a gig I've had in Swansea City, Wales. I was here for a few days work, at the time I was working as a recruiter for an employment agency. I asked the DJ if he thought it was cool to play a back to back set and he said “I'm not sure if the manager will like it, but f*ck it. As long as we don't see him, it's fine by me haha!" That's how I played a back-to-back set of an hour or two with him.'

How do you see your future as a DJ?

'In addition to producing and playing, I also work full time as an expeditor at an oil company in The Hague. My long-term goal is to start my own house label. Mark Knight and Toolroom Records are a great example for me of what I want to do.'

*Do you want to see and support Savio Damiano live? Come to the Artist of the Year Final, on December 13 in the Melkweg in Amsterdam. *

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