Take to the Streets Part III

By The Gigstarter Team on 04-08-2020

In our first and second article, we described how this opportunity like busking is relevant and accessible for artists to perform in front of an audience. This is the closest and easiest gig opportunity next to you. In this third part, you will find even more advice to take the most of this practice.

stonedSam Levon

Tips for beginners

Our team has listed the following good tips if you start busking around the city:

  • Always ask the municipality where you want to play about the local rules for street performances.

  • In the cities you usually need a permit and sometimes you may be assigned a place where you can play.

  • Busking with a mini amps is often not allowed, so don't forget to ask the municipality first

  • Play upright, so you can look at your audience and you look less like a beggar. Playing standing up also has the advantage that you can avoid passers-by, people do hear you but often don't see you.

  • Always thank the people who give you money with a cheerful "thank you" or while singing with a nod and a friendly smile.

  • Try to play with your back to a façade, to avoid chattering groups behind you.

  • Preferably stand in front of an empty building.

Shannon Connolly What's Up - Live at Sol Sundays

  • Don't pay attention to people who don't listen to you carefully or who say negative comments. In the end, you play for everyone even if the nice thing is that on the street, nobody owes anyone attention.

  • Performing on the street is very fair and direct and the satisfaction is so much greater when passers-by show their appreciation.

Do you also have good tips for our community? Do want us to spotlight them? Email us your tips to info@gigstarter.nl and we may publish it.

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