Three Cheers for Weekend Warriors

By The Gigstarter Team on 06-07-2020

For many, music might resemble a curse. Time, money, energy, hope — all life forces invested into the remotest chance of musical success, only to realise that the ‘dream’ is based on an idea now several generations removed from reality — a time where rock stars still existed, albums still changed the world, and enough revenue flowed to support a ‘middle class’ of musicians.

It’s understandable that people aren’t dedicated enough to martyr their personal or professional lives in pursuit of a music career. And that’s okay. Here’s a quick salute to the weekend warriors out there.

martyrialsTim De GraawBand from London

Play Nice

You may have seen sparks fly when full-time musicians collide with weekend warriors. It might be in the smoking area, or in the communal dressing room. In a group conversation, someone lets slip that they have a day job — not something flexible, but a desk-chaining, hardcore career — a software developer, or something. The mood is punctured. Feet begin to shuffle, people look downwards, and the conversation is extinguished with a brisk ‘’.

It’s understandable. There’s a blood bond that exists among musicians who’ve chosen the long and saddleless path of rock n’ roll. But often, at the exhaust pipe of this camaraderie lies a barely disguised contempt towards those who opted for a real job. Imposters, they might say — not fit to dine at the table. They’re wrong.


Music is for everyone. That means listening and playing.

Never be a snob. That applies generally, but also here. If you’re a full-time musician, you deserve respect for your sacrifice and tenacity. The image of an ardent soldier comes to mind. The world needs you, and the best of you will — given luck and persistence — hopefully rise to the top, and succeed. But this journey isn’t for everyone. If you hold down a full-time job, and play music on the weekends - you’re a boss. Hell, you might actually be a boss. You’ll eat the sweet fruits of financial security, like being able to afford nice gear, and a mortgage. Anybody who trashes you may well be jealous of this fact.

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