Online concert: 5 reasons to try it as a musician

By The Gigstarter Team on 24-02-2021

Online concerts are getting trendy: Billie Eilish, Metallica and Kylie Minogue started jumped on the band wagon. Make your fan base aware of the online gig opportunity! In these tough times for live music, every opportunity should be considered. On Gigstarter you can be booked for an online gig. As a musician, performing live behind a screen, offers some advantages. Find out why you should start using and promoting it.

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online concertOnline concert by Dion Cuiper from The Netherlands

1. Perform again

The show must go on, isn't that what we always say? You may not be able to sense the feeling of performing and the emotions of the audience, but it is a good alternative. This is the closest, easiest way and opportunity to perform again. Playing guitar or singing in front of your laptop will remind you of the thrill of performing. Plus, it's a great way to jam and pick up your musical talents again. No matter where you are or what genre you play, let your fans know that you are bookable for a private live stream.

2. Promoting yourself

Offering virtual concerts can also be a great promotional and marketing tool. It shows that you are still active, keeping up with trends and looking for ways to keep providing entertainment for your fans. Since offline gigs are no longer possible, it is difficult to create new material. So to keep interacting with your community, introduce them to online gigs and learn from their reactions, opinions and suggestions. Who knows, some of them may end up booking you!

3. Being visible internationally

You can increase your visibility in Europe. Take the band Niveau Chapeau as an example. They got a quote request from an Italian customer, because they have a PRO+ subscription on Gigstarter. This booker wanted to celebrate her 40th birthday with live music. Therefore, she decided to contact them and book them for an online jazz performance. Both the band and booker enjoyed this musical break. Time has come to start promoting this kind of show!

This way you can experience Niveau Chapeau a Belgian band

4. Making money

As a musician, your source of income has probably been greatly reduced by the Corona pandemic and the lockdown. Streaming an online private concert can provide extra income during this difficult time. If a client books you on Gigstarter, he or she doesn't have to add a commission to the amount.... So, you can put all the money in your digital pockets…. In addition, a virtual gig gives less stress and costs less because you don't have to travel to the venue in question.

5. Spread happiness

A digital concert can be a great solution for distant relatives to share a beautiful moment, and you can contribute to that. Even though it is a very different experience than a real concert, you are bringing love, happiness and you are supporting live music events during this corona pandemic. It can be a great surprise for a birthday or a great gift for Christmas. Don't hesitate to spread these ideas to your fans.

We also decided to organise a livestream, experience an online concert together with us and join us on the 25th of February.

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