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Now that the summer is in full swing, you might be planning your summer pool party, beach BBQ or small festival. On Gigstarter, we host a diverse range of artists that can help bring your event to the next level. In this blog, we will showcase some of the amazing artists, known and and unknown.

DJ Maestro (NL)

We are honored to have one of the pioneers of jazz DJs. He is best known for his releases on on the Blue Note Trip label. With a great variety of genres on his setlist, DJ Maestro is able to get the whole crowd dancing. We are extremely proud to have a leader and trendsetter of the industry on our platform and you can now book him for your event on Gigstarter.
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de nouveau belgie gigstarterDJ Maestro

De Nouveau (BE)

With the perfect mixture of folk, country and blues this Belgian band is a favorite to book for your event. De Noveau are able to create a fantastic and cheerful ambiance at any event, bringing families and friends together to get their groove on. Read a stellar review from one of their recent bookings - "They create atmosphere with their infectious enthusiasm and fill the room with their cheerful repertoire, which is supplemented with attention to contact with the audience where necessary. They also hold their own without amplified, which means that De Nouveau can be used on various stages and occasions."
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de nouveau belgie gigstarterDe Nouveau, the band

Pamela Magal (ES)

Pamela Magal is a Argentinian and Spanish singer who is based in Madrid. With the perfect fusion of the flamenco and tango genres, Pamela uses a strong stage presence and creates a unique mix of genres that allows her to transform herself into the perfect artist for your event. Singing both original and cover tracks in different formations, Pamela is one of the extremely adaptable and talented musicians that we are lucky to have on the platform.
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pamela magal gigstarterPamela Magal, the Argentinian singer

The Rivals (NL)

Let us tell you why The Rivals should be your chosen cover band for your party. The band, which consists of 5 childhood friends from Maarsden, is taking The Netherlands by a storm. Their setlist consists of popular cover songs and they are perfect to get the party going at a wedding or if you are organizing a small festival in your backyard. Recently they reached 100 verified bookings on the platform and we were lucky enough to sit down with them to talk about their career and experience on the platform. You can read our interview with this amazing band here.
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Celebrating Our Talents

Each year we celebrate the incredible artists that help make our platform so amazing with our Artist and DJ of Year competition. Due to the pandemic situation over the last two years, we have to improvise - but that doesn't mean that the artists and the event were less special. Find a recap of last years virtual event below to see more of the outstanding talents that make up our platform.

Artist and DJ of the Year winners - Julie Huard and Mini Maal

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