On Bristol and Beyond with Martyrials

By Neelesh Vasistha on 15-06-2020

Bristol glam trio Martyrials are one of many bands clawing up the ladder on the U.K circuit. They’re lifted by a strong and memorable image, which helps project their unique sound: a cake of explosive punk, electric soundscapes and candy synths. We sit with Samuel, the flamboyant frontman, to chat about the Bristol scene, regional touring, and the shadow of London.

Bristol has always been a bright light in the U.K music scene. What is it about the city that promotes such creativity?

'For me, Bristol has always been about the music. I could say something mystical about the tides or the river, but I think it’s really just like-minded artists creating and filling the spaces. Everyone supports and inspires each other - not that the river isn't magical! I find I have a friendly jealousy towards some of my favourite artists in Bristol. Nothing negative about it. Just sometimes I think: Wow, I wish I’d thought of that. Let’s work together on something.'


You tour regularly around the west of England and Wales. What’s that like? Is there any city that has surprised you?

'Wales is always a lot of fun. There are some crazy fans there. It's like the Wild West in The Valleys! I think that Swansea was the biggest surprise. We played a venue called Creature Sound. It's a quaint village hall that, bizarrely enough, also runs fetish fairs. So we performed on stage surrounded by all kinds of sex equipment; big X-shaped objects with hand and leg shackles, sex harnesses, and even benches for electro shock. Oh, and in the garden was a hot tub with a trophy in it - some kind of twisted art piece. I loved it. Can highly recommend.'

Martyrials- Sweet Transvestite (LIVE)

As a Bristol band in a London-centric industry, how do you approach expanding your presence in the capital city?

'We find London to be hit and miss. It's a huge town with a million things happening every night. So pulling a crowd is difficult. Also, London's very 'cool' - and we’re not cool. Sadly, we were about to play our best London gig yet, but then lockdown happened. Sure, the 'industry' may be London-centric, but we're not putting any more effort there than anywhere else. We're a worldwide phenomenon, don't you know?'

Martyrials’ latest album, Electric Delegates, is out now.

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