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Monday, June 13, the day was finally here with the Music Pitch: The New Music World of Music Motion but this time again on location! The evening was filled with experts from the music industry and live music in the beautiful tolhuistuin in Amsterdam. The sunset created a warm and intimate atmosphere. The evening began with a beautiful live performance by The Sunrise Paradise after which the experts were telling their stories. Keep reading to find out more about all the highlights of the evening!

Arwind Gajadien - Livecrowd

Arwind is the founder of Livecrowd, livecrowd offers service, content and mobility for concerts, festival, other events and roadworks. Especially the content aspect is very interesting, the platform provides an exclusive look behind the scenes. Livecrowd brings the experiences of the visitor of the concert together on one platform. It all started during corona with the idea to do more for the performances that could not take place anymore overnight. Recording concerts and later offering them on demand was not to the liking of every artist. Until the Rolling Stones found it interesting and picked up on it, which is when the ball started rolling. This paved the way for on demand streaming, live streaming is unfortunately not yet at the desired level of quality. It would be nice if artists could own more rights and work with their own platform or website instead of having everything spread out over socials.

Speaking of rights, that brings us to the next expert... keep reading!

Margriet Koedooder - De Vos & Partners Lawyers

Margriet has been an attorney for 33 years and a lawyer for 40 years. She advises and litigates in disputes for all kinds of clients in the music industry for De Vos & Partners advocaten. A valuable tip from Margriet is to always stay curious, this will take you to places you would otherwise never imagine ending up in. Margriet was asked what she sees today and in the future in terms of trends. She indicated that we are currently dealing with a mass consumer market and the future will be more of a creator economy. Currently we are buying products on a mass level but later this will change to the creator economy where a lot is made and distributed ourselves. This is a start of a new era of media and connectivity. Margriet also tells the audience how developments are moving faster and faster and the legal system is actually moving slower and slower along with it.

If we talk about developments then the NFT can not be missing, the next young expert tells more about this.

music motion music pitchFrom left to right: Luciano, Anna Maria, Arwind, Margriet

Luciano Winter - Stormi Capital & Rotterdam Airlines

Luciano is the founder of Rotterdam Airlines, a record label stationed in Rotterdam since 2009. Luciano loves everything that is off the standard! Hence the interest for the NFT. An NFT is a Non-Fungible Token, Luciano tells us that it is also called "digital property, a kind of record with value but also other digital 'products'". According to him, NFTs bring people together and NFTs have a 'collection' effect. If you own one NFT, and an extension is released, you will be more likely to buy another one from this specific collection. The possibilities are endless, an artist could reward owners of his or her NFTs. For example, after having owned for a year an NFT, an exclusive one could be offered to these owners, or a ticket to a concert. An artist could even work with NFTs without the a label or use it as a fundraiser for projects. Luciano closed with a true message "Buy what makes you happy, regardless of the value and regardless of whether it costs €1 or €100". Which brings us to the next expert who knows how to create value with a low budget.

Anna Maria Kooistra - Media Tornado

Anna Maria has been working at Media Tornado since 2009 where they specialize in PR but also marketing. They have handled projects for high-profile artists such as DJ Afrojack, among others. Anna Maria describes it as "bluntly, marketing without budget". She indicates that you can also get things done without a (mega) budget and we, from Gigstarter), couldn't agree more! Media Tornado believes in doing what feels right and not always relying on data because that's something you always do according to her. Anna Maria gave a great examples of how to get emerging artists into the spotlight. When artists haven't reached a certain level of fame yet but have the potential to grow more, they have a great story to tell and to create curiousity. You have to phrase it well and give it an extra element of power. It's giving and taking and PR is about building relationships with journalists and editors.

The VR Headset

A topic that came up several times from various experts was the VR Headset. For example, why are we not yet using VR Headsets to attend concerts? There are still many obstacles in the way of using these headsets. For example, the price is quite high and there is a gaming experience in addition to the livestream world. "The content is lagging behind but the possibilities are endless. There are not so many people who own such glasses and therefore the supply is not very large" adds Luciano. Which concert would you virtually visit first if the options were unlimited?

Finally, the evening came to an end with a final song from The Sunrise Paradise. Do you also want this band to play at your event?

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