Meet the Team: Talita Pajkić, the community manager Benelux

By The Gigstarter Team on 03-06-2020

The internship of Talita Pajkić at Gigstarter is special. When she started in February, the live music industry wasn't affected by the coronavirus yet. After the outbreak she successfully helped with leading Gigstarter through this difficult time for live music. We asked her about the highlights, tips for artists and if she will remain active in the music industry!

What was your role at Gigstarter in recent months?

'In recent months I have been active as Community Manager Benelux. This involved many different types of work. Besides handling the calls for live music and helping artists, I have been able to perform many other tasks; such as creating content in Photoshop, conceiving and conducting interviews, making acquisitions for new musical talent and outlining a possible tour for an English band.'

TiTalita Pajkić

How did the internship go?

'The internship was very versatile. I have been able to do everything and experience many different sides of the company and the music industry. The people I was allowed to work with were all very helpful and really gave me the space to be creative and think along. This is very motivating. I think an internship at Gigstarter is very educational in many areas. You learn a lot about where your own passions lie within the music industry, but you also get good insights into parts that you might not like. It was also inspiring to see Gigstarter deal with situations like the coronavirus outbreak; do not hesitate, but undertake and continue with what you have. It was a very educational period.'

You now have been behind the scenes of a company in the music industry. What do you notice in this industry?

“During this crisis, some situations cannot be predicted, but it is important to keep looking ahead and, above all, not to stick to traditional ideas. For example, we promoted the Online Gigs. Many people were not used to experience live music via stream and online, but we made it possible that artists were booked for Online Gigs. For an online festival or office party, for example. In addition, the importance of networking is something I have been able to experience in practice: always be friendly, be open to learn and enter into the conversation. Sometimes it's still challenging, but mainly just a lot of fun to talk about shared passions.'

What was a highlight during your internship?

'My Gigstarter highlights mainly have to do with the artists and music. What I liked the most was setting up The Gigstarter Quarantine Sessions. Every Thursday a Gigstarter artist posted a song that is recorded at home, in quarantine. I had full responsibility for The Quarantine Sessions. I really enjoyed being in contact with these artists, inviting them and seeing and highlighting the different talent. '

Kimmy June - I Know The Way during the Quarantine Sessions

'I always really enjoyed doing interviews, especially 'Behind the Scenes'. It was extremely educational to speak to these people about the industry and I also learned a lot about shaping and refining interviews. For example, I am very happy with the fascinating interview with event manager Amine Ben Hamida. '

You have helped many artists in the past six months. What important tip would you like to give Gigstarter artists?

'Make sure your profile looks good. Provide quality live videos and photos and, if necessary, spend some money on this by having it done by a professional. Make sure all your social media is linked to your Gigstarter profile: Facebook, Instagram, Spotify. The tighter and more professional your profile is, the more serious bookers will take you. If you want to get high in the ranking of the system it is also important to to make your bookings through Gigstarter so that bookers can leave reviews on your profile. The more active and serious you are, the more people will notice you. Don't be afraid to approach the team of Gigstarter if you have fun or interesting content: dare to stand out!'

Which artist on Gigstarter would you like to highlight?

'I had secretly made a small list of artists who impressed me a lot. There is so much talent on the platform. Can I name them all? There we go: Bounds of Modesty (NL), The Positives (NL), Summersile (NL), Arcana Opera (IT), Charlie Bit My Finger (BE), Nephylim (NL), Devil's Bargain (BE), Saman (AT) and Onwijs Gijs (NL).'

Charlie Bit My Finger - Part Of The Plan (Lyric video)

What are your plans after your studies?

'After or during the last year of my studies, I want to focus more on label activities and artist management. I want to gain experience with these processes in practice, learn more by doing and expand my network further. My heart lies mainly in metal / punk / hardcore (the angry brother of punk, not the electronic one) and drum 'n bass. I think I might want to start something myself. The Netherlands is a difficult market for that, but who knows what the future holds! For now, the focus is on learning by doing and expanding the network. I will determine the next step as soon as I have gained more knowledge and experience in the industry.'

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