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Kings Day, taking place on the 27th of April is a big celebration in the Netherlands to commemorate the king's birthday. Each year on this specific day of the year, every city in the Netherlands comes alive with street parties and most importantly live music. If you are looking to throw your own party or want to visit some live music on this day, below you can find some tips.

List of live music

If you are a festival goer, Amsterdam is the city where you should celebrate. Many festivals take place during the day and night of the celebration and no matter what type of music you like to listen to, you can probably find one of your favorite artists playing in the popular festivals below.

  1. Loveland van Oranje: Taking place in Meerpark this is the place for you if you love Tech House hosting artists like Amelie Lens and Pan-Pot
  2. Kingsland: The edition that takes place in Amsterdam is a favorite for both dutchies and tourists. If you like hip-hop, hardstyle, or are just a big Martin Garrix fan this is the festival for you!
  3. Oranjebloesem: This one is for the more alternative crowd in the incredible venue - the Olympic stadium.

As mentioned before, dutch cities really do come alive on this day. So just take a walk around the city and you will find many options where you can listen to free live music. Some hotspots being NDSM island and Albert Cuyp market.

Book a musician

Are you thinking of throwing a Kings Day party at your house/garden? You can book a musician on the Gigstarter platform to play at your event. No matter what genre you are looking for, there will be an artist on Gigstarter to fit your specifications. Some of our artists like The Rivals, Copycat and Dustry Road Pilots have already been booked so don’t wait any longer and start planning your own party!

Book your own Kings Day artists now

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