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The summer of live is creeping upon us and that means music and events are starting to announce dates. In this article, we have curated a list of festivals/events that you can attend in Europe and at the same time learn more about the culture of a different country. Let's start planning for summer and book a musical holiday!

Netherlands - Kingsday

Kingsday is a yearly celebration in April in the Netherlands that celebrates the birth of King Willem-Alexander. This is the biggest party in the year for some and the country hosts many different types of music festivals that you can attend on the day. If you are a lover of electronic music, why not attend the famous KingsLand festival in Amsterdam?

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Spain - Feria de Sevilla

Taking place in the beautiful city of Seville, in the first week of May is the incredible Feria. This party not only attracts locals but also thousands of tourists every year. If you want to get a taste of some traditional flamenco music and dance the night and day away this is the place for you.

Belgium Flanders - Gentse Feesten

Gentse Feesten is a 10 days music and culture festival in the historic city of Ghent. This year it will take place from the 15th until the 24th of July. During this festival, you can find DJs, buskers and bands playing in different parts of the city and on the last day of the festival - which is deemed as the day of ‘empty pockets’ all food and alcohol are discounted!

Belgium Wallonie - Les Festivals de Wallonie

Every year in the French-speaking part of Belgium Les Festivals de Wallonie is celebrated. During the summer months, you can listen to classical music in a festive, energetic atmosphere with an audience that shares the same passion. This year's theme for the festival is ‘It’s a mad world’ so we're sure all the acts have some surprises up their sleeve.

France - Fête de la musique

Fête de la musique is an annual celebration taking place on the 21st of June. You may have heard of this celebration as, even though it originated in France, it is now celebrated in many different countries. This day celebrates all types of music from Pop, Rock to classical music.

Portugal - FMM Sines

Festival Músicas do Mundo takes place from the 22nd until the 30th July in the towns of Sines and Porto Covo on the Atlantic Coast. The purpose of this festival is to celebrate and showcase the scope of world music. Acts arrive in Portugal from all over the world and it is open to all acts ranging from jazz, alternative to reggae.

Italy - Umbria che Spacca

In the historic center of Perugia, in the Umbria region of Italy, the 9th edition of the Umbria che Spacca will be taking place this year. Hosting an eclectic mix of local talent, this festival will be sure to let you enjoy beautiful weather and all types of music at the same time. Why not book a flight to Italy for the 30th of June until the 3rd of July?

Germany - International Dixieland Festival

In Eastern Germany, in the city of Dresden, the creme de la creme of jazz performances come together during the International Dixieland Festival. This year it will be held from the 15th until the 22nd of May and it will mark the 50th anniversary of this festival! 40 bands and soloists will play and they promise to bring you the perfect mix of jazz, blues and boogie.

Austria - Danube Island Festival

Did you know that the largest open-air festival in the world is free and takes place in Europe? Danube Island Festival (Donauinselfest) is a weekend filled with music, dancing and good vibes. Takin place on the artificial island of Danube in Vienna, book your tickets for 24th until the 26th of June to experience incredible sounds from folk to metal and everything in between.

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