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By The Gigstarter Team on 30-03-2022 |

If you have a special celebration coming up, wouldn’t you like to create a special ambiance at your restaurant? From cover bands, solo artists or DJs on Gigstarter we have the perfect match to suit your live music wants and needs. In this blog, we will list all the reasons why you should host live music acts in your cafe or restaurant.

Good vibes

Adding live music creates good vibes wherever you may be while also setting the mood for the night. Music can help your clients mingle and meet new people by encouraging people to dance. When people are relaxed and talk to each other, they are more likely to stay, have fun, order drinks, and enjoy the moment at your location. No matter if the music is in the background to create a romantic setting or if you want to get people on their feet dancing to some disco, live music will help you achieve these things .

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Live music performances take people on a hypothetical journey. The melodies of a song can transport you completely to another time orplace where everything is beautiful, peaceful and romantic. Or where everything is a big party and lots of fun. Either way, for a few hours, your clients can forget about their jobs, kids, exes and problems they might be dealing with. For example, by hiring a cover band with hits from the sixties, you can create a melancholic and pleasant atmosphere.

Attract a new audience

Booking live music for your cafe can also trigger new customers to come in. Fans of the local band will most likely show up for your event, bringing you a brand new customer base. Booking musicians can broaden your audience and community. Finally, don't give up. Keep in mind that there may be some challenges the first time you organize live music at your venue, such such as soundcheck or making agreements concrete etc. It gets easier with time and, trust us, it's worth it. Every time you organize a live music event you get better at it!

Andrew Reynolds is available to come and improve the atmosphere at your location.

Fair Pricing

On Gigstarter you can easily contact and hire affordable bands. Their price is clearly stated on their profile so there are no surprises when you book them. On our booking platform we do not charge any service or commission costs, you only have to pay for the performance and the transport of the musicians to the café. That's right, no hidden fees. It is up to you to negotiate with the band, you can arrange all the details via a private chat through our website.

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