How to send a booking request?

By The Gigstarter Team on 19-03-2020

How to send a booking request to an artist on Gigstarter? We made a short tutorial video to explain the proces. Check it out!

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The three benefits of sending a booking request to an artist through Gigstarter

1st benefit: No commission or booking fee

Gigstarter does not charge any fees to the booker. Artists support us with a voluntary membership.

2nd benefit: Everything is possible

Anything can be discussed with the artist, from sound equipment to payment methods.

Check availability button

3rd benefit: Book with confidence

Leave no room for miscommunication. Confirm your artist booking via Gigstarter. In this tutorial we explain how to confirm a gig with an artist.

How to send a booking request to an artist in three steps

Step 1

Search for the artist profile on Gigstarter you would like to book. Click on the button Check availability and fill in the form. Then click on Check & submit.


Step 2

Answer the questions on the requirements page. And then click on To submit.


Step 3

Dubbel check if everything is correct on the overview page and then click on Send message. Know you've send out a booking request to an artist.


Start searching on Gigstarter for the artist you would like to book for your event.

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